Thursday, August 10, 2006


That's right. Dell. The computer giant. I've had it with that stinkin' outfit. The gloves are coming off.

Here are my experiences to date. When I first called them to order my system, which was early in 2004, I had to hang up and call again. Why? Because I couldn't understand a fucking word their "customer service" respresentative was saying, that's why. Then my printer turned out to be a lemon and had to be returned. Then I got a grossly overpriced color cartridge that was defective. Then, as I was scurrying to get contracts printed, the grossly overpriced black cartridge took a crap, even though it was still 23% full of fucking ink. Then, when I called to order new grossly overpriced and probably defective cartridges, I couldn't understand a fucking word their "customer service" representative was saying. Then I found out the cheesy WordPerfect program that came pre-installed on the computer is incompatible with the MS Word programs most of my editors use, resulting in endless hassles and delays!

God, how I wish somebody has slapped me before I got involved with that WE ONLY HIRE PEOPLE WHO SPEAK SHATTERED ENGLISH AND ONLY SELL MADE-IN-CHINA CRAP company!!!!! I think it's time for a boycott, seriously.


Jill Monroe said...

First - I feel your pain.

I have a mac and only used word perfect for years - it's FAR superior to word anyway, although now they no longer are in the forefront.

Okay, I digress. Here's what worked for me. Take the item document you wish to save, and hit "save as" look for the option that says rich text format or rtf - that's the language word uses, and magic - everyone could read my document.

Hope that still works!

Snowshoe said...

Hi, Jill! Thanks for visiting, and thanks for your response. Y'know, I, too, think WordPerfect is a damned fine program; sad to say, though, editors who work in electronic formats universally use Word. I'm not sure how that standard got set, but that's just the way it is.

Actually, I've been saving and sharing manuscripts in .rtf for years. That works just fine...until the editing process begins. Editors routinely use some of Word's unique features--like inserting comments and tracking changes, within a specific template. That's when WP says, in essence, "I don't like this playground and so I ain't gonna let you play here."

I worked on a Mac, too, at one of my former jobs. And I had to work in Quark. Now, you wanna talk about a strange (and monumentally expensive!) word processing program.... Thank goodness I haven't had to rustle up a copy of that bugger!