Monday, January 04, 2010


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The Empty Pocket

My hand touches

Air. Goes deeper.

Still, nothing

There. A crease

In time, a wrinkle,

A ragged tear

Where a bright

Coin once stared

At me from

At this point, Pablo gives up writing his poem. (Of course I can't tell you why.) It kind of describes how I feel about letting go of Utopia-X. You'll notice, though, it's open-ended. So maybe a little story will appear from time to time.

(You satisfied, Kris?)


Kris said...

Yes! I swear to friggin' God, KZ, I've never met an author less interested in promo before. Geezus. It was like pulling bloody teeth to get you to put this up.

Jenre said...


Very intrigued by the poem.

Chris said...

Congrats, K. Z.! And whew for appeasing Kris in the nick of time...

Tam said...

Yay you. Can't wait to read it. Much success to you.

As an aside? I so don't get poetry. I'm hopefless.

wren boudreau said...

Yay. I just went over there and bought it. And three other books, thankyouverymuch. *Sigh* The TBR pile never goes down. One book gets done and another (or 4) take its place. I just finished To Be Where You Are last night. Really liked it. Especially the kitchen sex. Yum!

K. Z. Snow said...

I don't know what's with that Oz girl. You'd think she was my agent or something.

Hey thanks, wren! Did you read InDescent, which precedes TBWYA? Or the first three UX books? (I'm always concerned about people reading my stories in order, lest they get confused and think I'm a dogshit writer. Maybe I should stick to stand-alones -- save myself a lot of fretting! *g*)

wren boudreau said...

Of course I read them. Loved them. So never fear! I don't think you're a dogshit writer. :p

And you could do worse than have Kris as your agent! She really epitomizes the Wow That's Fabulous (WTF) brand of creativity. (You have to go to her Jan. 5 post to get that obtuse reference).

Anyway, congrats on the newest release!

K. Z. Snow said...


Yup, saw the skull. Maybe I'll ask her to do my book covers in addition to representing me. ;-)

Jeanne said...

Happy Release day to you!!!
Didn't want to gush over at the LI Commloop...they'd say I'm partial:~D

BTW, I blogged over at the Rainbow studio Blog yesterday...naughty excerpt alert 8-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Jeanne. Ooo, I did see the excerpt from Bend in the Road. Got a chuckle out of that slightly startled question, "Yid?" :-D

Kris said...

Wren, suck up.

KZ, *sniff* I would be an awesome cover artist. Just sayin'.

K. Z. Snow said...

Prove it.

Chris said...

*backs slowly away from the gauntlet on the ground*