Thursday, September 01, 2011

Fed up with Yahoo!

In what must be an attempt to coerce its users into switching from "Classic" mail to "Updated" mail, Yahell has been making access to my email a royal pain in the ass. Words cannot describe how much I despise this company! I tried, a while back, to take the path of least resistance and change over. After all, I was sick to death of their ad-crammed Mail page, glitchy service, and incompetence at catching spam. But . . . their "new" mail proved an even bigger clusterfuck than their old mail, with an even more junked-up page, so I went back.

I guess they didn't like that.

It's going to be another PITA to inform all the people and groups I need to inform that I've changed my primary email address -- I've had the Yahoo one practically since I started publishing -- but I know I'll take a grim satisfaction in doing it.


Chris said...

Changing email addresses is SUCH a pain, but hopefully things are less frustrating wherever you get your new one from.

LVLM(Leah) said...

Gah! I think all email systems must suck on some level. Free= suckage.

I have like 6 Yahoo addresses for all my personalities. snort I hate when they upgrade, it's always way more busy and full of more features I give a crap about, and less of what I do like, like photo attachment size.

I got pissed off with them about the updates w/o telling people they were doing that, plus the fact that you have to opt out instead of in.

I don't even notice the ads anymore.

What I hate is that everyone keeps trying to copy FB and I hates Facebook with a passion. Why do I need to update and share that I pissed on Yahoo, Twitter, FB, etc.?

I just want a simple email system.

I also have a Gmail account, but I never use it. I never did get how it works and find it's UI confusing. And I read on Twitter people constantly having issues with it.

And I'm done with AOL

So basically, you're probably screwed no matter what you use. heh

I'm so upbeat today. :D

K. Z. Snow said...

Chris, I'm going with my Gmail account. At least it's somewhat established, and I don't have too many complaints about it. But, yeah, this is a time suck I really don't need.

Chris said...

I have my gmail set to basic html (scroll way down to the bottom and look at the tiny print). I don't have ads! I just have email. It's nice.

K. Z. Snow said...

Leah, you need to be more specific. :-D

I know what you mean about all the pressure to add crap. And all the crap that's added without the user's permission. I've had it. I just want to get into my email without hassles and distractions, read it, reply to it (if need be), and get the hell out. And I want to be able to send out books to readers and manuscripts to publishers without damned error messages popping up.

Ah, if only we lived in a perfect e-world... I don't know why on earth all these well-paid techies can't get their shit together and do things right.

K. Z. Snow said...

Chris, mine must be set that way too, however inadvertently. :) I don't encounter ads either. It's a nice change from Yahoo, which just keeps getting more and more cluttered and unreliable. And the spammers -- yikes!

Clare London said...

*arrgh* please tell me how to change back to Classic! I've lost at least 2 of the most useful (and rare) features Yahoo Mail ever gave me, and on Sat I only *just* held myself back from putting a fist through the Customer Service Chat window after they hadn't answered my question for the 3rd time!!!!!

Yes, I know that would have exploded my laptop. No of course I'm not hysterical...^_~

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Clare!

Eep. I'm afraid I don't remember how I did it! It was one of those well, let's follow this link and push this button kind of things, which means it was purely accidental.

You really expected to get help through "Customer Service"? Pauvre enfant! ;-)

Yahoo brought me close to hysteria too...which is why I decided to switch. Now all I get through them is spam. Oh, and Facebook friend requests, which are turning into the same thing. :/

Good luck, though! And make sure your liquor cabinet is stocked. :)