Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Nice things I didn't have to pay for . . .

Mary Calmes gave me this. (Scroll down along the left sidebar. That lady is incredibly supportive and one of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.)

And Chris gave me this. (She's generously given me, and others, many such things.)

And Kris gave me this. (I'm enjoying my pressie immensely!)

And Tam gave me this. (Whoa -- I felt like a star!)

My dog Luna gave me red-quilted poop (she actually ate part her bear to do that, the selfless little thing), my dog Cody gives me many loving looks and big albeit rank smiles, the neighbors across the street gave me ginormous red hibiscus to ogle throughout August and September, and Nature has given me an Indian Summer full of glorious color.

Who needs money?

Uh . . . forget I said that. I do have a book coming out on the 14th, after all. ;-)


Chris said...

Aw, you're welcome!

I couldn't figure out what Mary gave you. She is a TOTAL sweetheart, and even more awesome in person.

Jason said...

you are loved. :)

You gave me a giggle over your dogs quilted poop. :D

K. Z. Snow said...

Mary contacted me to let me know she enjoyed Abercrombie Zombie so much, she put it (cover with link) up on her blog. Hence my "scroll down left sidebar" instructions. :)

She made a point of contacting me about Mongrel, too, and telling me she's "a fan." Not many authors do that -- guaranteed.

K. Z. Snow said...

Jase, honey, I might not exactly be loved, but I'm fortunate to know some damned nice people and sweet critters. ;-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Oh . . . and in case anybody sees Ashton Kutcher, tell him I'm still waiting for him to offer me his body.

I'll be gentle.

Or not.

(It's up to him.)

Chris said...

A-ha! Long day, what can I say...