Monday, November 28, 2011

The Dove and the Pearl

Blogs don't generally warm my heart. Most aren't designed to do that. Most are meant to inform and/or entertain. (Well, I suppose there are some squeaky-clean, sappy-ass, sunshiny blogs around for conservative ladies whose lives center on church and family. However, since I don't fall into that demographic category, I'm unaware of them -- thank badness.)

But I've been pleased to discover, finally, a heartwarming blog that makes me grin rather than potentially gag. 2 Boys in Love (click on the post title to get there) centers on exactly what its name suggests: two intelligent, candid young men who are crazy about each other and take so much exuberant pride in that fact, they want to share their thoughts, feelings, and daily experiences with the world. As far as I'm concerned, the world is a better place for it.

Anybody who needs his or her faith restored in humanity should make a point of visiting Matty and Brad regularly. They aren't saccharine; they're simply sincere. I only wish all queer kids everywhere could find the kind of mutually supportive relationship these boys have forged. It's incomprehensible to me that anybody could take issue with such unshakable friendship and untainted romance, with such happiness.  

I just adore these guys. Long may they love . . . and spread their joy.


Tam said...

They are cute aren't they? I've been following them since pretty close to the beginning. Interesting to see their lives change. As the mom of a kid who is only a couple of years younger than them (Ack!) they kind of confirm my theory that all teenagers are not hellions out to make parents' life hell and ride roughshod over communities. I don't see that in my immediate circles and they are yet further proof that "nice" kids do exist out there and are probably the silent majority.

And no, if my kid ever starts such a blog I won't be following it. There are some things a mother just doesn't want to know. LOL I don't follow her blog now, although I would get bored of the page after page of Degrassi pics on Tumblr. *eye roll*

K. Z. Snow said...

Hell yeah, Tam, most parents would freak over such frankness! But at the same time, they'd have every right to be proud if that frankness revealed a genuinely thoughtful, caring person. (I'm not sure what Degrassi pics reveal, LOL.)

Tam said...

Yeah, I only hope she's in as healthy a relationship when she's that age, I just don't want the details and I'm sure she wouldn't want mine. LOL That's one of those parent/kid lines I don't want to cross. *shudder*

Degrassi is basicaly just a teenage soap opera that makes me roll my eyes. But I do admit that it covers some good topics, it's got the ftm trans character, the gay couple, partner abuse, teen pregnancy, drugs, you know, typical kid stuff. LOL But then the adult soap operas make me roll my eyes as well.

Jeff Erno said...

I agree. Theirs is one of my favorite blogs.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hiya, Jeff! It's so nice to see you here!

They're a breath of fresh air in the blogosphere, aren't they? I wish I'd been fortunate enough to have sons just like them.