Monday, January 28, 2013

The Curse of the Twelfth Month

Writers beware. It isn't wise to publish a book in December unless it's a Christmas story. Why?
  1. It will be swamped by holiday-themed fiction.
  2. A December publication date means you won't make "lists" for that year, because your book came out too late, yet you won't make "lists" for the following year, because your book wasn't published in that year. So keep in mind that a December non-holiday release will likely be consigned to a black hole.
In the Grand Scheme of Things, this certainly doesn't matter. But it can be a bit depressing.

Just sayin'.


K. Z. Snow said...

Another comment by Katrina Strauss that Blogger wouldn't post ('cause it thinks she's a Commie or something):

Been there, done that with Sleight of Hand. It fared much better two years down the road. (And then my one holiday-themed story didn't do so hot at all, not to mention it was moot to promote it off-season. So that's no guarantee in December either!)

K. Z. Snow said...

So it's a crappy month all around for book publication, eh?