Thursday, January 15, 2009

Update: The Book Nobody Wants

Do NOT follow this cliched advice: "Write what you love." Well, go ahead and follow it if you must, but don't expect to get published.

Poor, uncategorizable InDescent is still making the rounds and bouncing off pigeonholes into which it just can't fit. This hybrid urban fantasy/journey of self-discovery/m-m erotic romance has no niche!

Objection #1 - The villain isn't villainous enough. (Uh...that's because he isn't a villain. A wannabe villain--yes. A little bit of a prod, an antagonist, a foil--maybe. Primarily, though, this superficial, self-centered doofus serves, through contrast, to highlight the essential albeit flawed nobility of the protagonist and his lover. If the book has a villain, it lurks within the hero's internal landscape. In other words, he's his own worst enemy...and must come to realize that.)

Objection #2 - The "love interest" doesn't appear until halfway through the story. (Not entirely true. He isn't part of the on-scene action, although his presence is felt nearly from the start. When he does show up in person, things really start getting intense.)

Ah, well. I never bothered actually responding to these objections. There's no battling publishers' models or genre norms, and there's no point in trying. I learned that a long time ago. All one can do is swallow and move on.

So just bear in mind when you write what you love that it may not fit current fiction formulas. Be prepared to put on your patience-pants.

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