Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wing and Tongue cover scores again!

I'll tell ya, that Syneca really puts out some impressive work. The Fantasm Awards finalists for fantasy/paranormal cover art are now posted. It isn't a surprise that my luminous cover for Wing and Tongue (from Ellora's Cave) is one of the nominees. It's already received one award, and deservedly so. I'm still bemoaning the fact Syneca didn't do the covers for the other two books in this fantasy cycle.

And this brings up the interesting point of a cover's role in a book's saleability. There's no doubt in my mind that the quality of cover art makes a difference.

I've posted before about the success of Wing and Tongue in relation to Cauldron of Keridwen and Prince of Glacier Glas. The last of these is, I believe, the best book by far in the Galdeshian fantasy cycle, and I wanted the cover to reflect that.

So I specifically requested art similar to Syneca's. I was presented with a cover that was kinda-sorta like hers but just didn't have the GASP! quality -- the brilliance, the finesse. When I asked the art director for some minor touch-ups and polish, he pretty much blew me off.

It rankles to this day.

Anyway, if you're a fan of Syneca's craftsmanship, please click on the post title and give her work a vote. Not my work, mind you; hers.


Emily Veinglory said...

It is honestly rather difficult to follow series vua IC's site. Later books state which came previous, but not the reverse.

K. Z. Snow said...

So true, Emily. And made even more maddening when books in a series or cycle don't even look related or have an overriding name.

jessewave said...

Hey KZ
I just saw this post and I had to put the cover on my blog. It's a huge mother ...... of a cover so the last letter of your name is cut off, but no complaints from you Missy because W & T is probably 1 of maybe 2 M/F covers on the blog and I added the link to the cover. Send me the cheque (British spelling dahling) *g*

Sometime ago I was actually considering buying this book b/c of the cover as well I was intrigued by the blurb then I realized that it was part of a series. Can it be read as a standalone?

You're right, covers do sell books. We had a debate on this on the blog when I posted my favourite covers for the year (this wasn't icluded b/c I hadn't read the book or posted a review which were my criteria.) I have even bought print books because I loved the covers!

K. Z. Snow said...

Yo, Wave!

I call these three books a "fantasy cycle" because they're bound together more by their world than by a specific story arc or set of characters (although some of the same characters do pop in and out of the different stories).

Each can indeed be read as a stand-alone. And, by the way, there's m/m action in the first and third--especially the third (Prince of Glacier Glas).

Yeah, you bet covers can sell books. If EC ever bundles these three into a print edition, I sure as shit hope it gets a cover like W & T's!

jessewave said...

Thanks for the new cover. It looks great! I'll check out Prince of Glacier Glas