Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What should I do next?

Being at a crossroads always makes me a little crazy. I have a book coming out on February 24 (so that's a done deal), just sent its sequel to my editor (so that, for the time being, is out of my hair), and have an offer in the works for yet another title (so that won't go anywhere for a while). I have promo and guest-blogging obligations in the near future. But I need to start writing again. I can't not write. So ... where to direct this drive?

There are three conceivable sequels I could begin. There's a whole new genre I'd like to explore (and reading I'd like to do in preparation for this exploration). There's a contemporary story, or potential story, clamoring for expression, so I've started jotting down notes about it. And, to complicate matters even further, there's yet another possible project--one that presents a whole new challenge--I'd like to pursue.

I'm drawn to all these options, and I wish, at times like this, I had five different brains and ten sets of hands. Knowing what readers want most would help, but I haven't a clue. Some are forthcoming about their preferences. Most, unfortunately, are not.

I'm under no specific contractual obligations, which only adds to my confusion.

Help! I'm drowning!


Katrina Strauss said...

Sometimes block is caused by too many ideas rather than a lack of them! I call it writer's ADD. I've been known to make 3 or 4 false starts before my brain finally latches on onto one project in particular. I say keep jotting things down until something sticks. Or, toss a coin? LOL

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Katrina! Nice to see you here.

Oh, yeah. False starts. I know all about those. I, too, have to keep tossing ideas around until one finds that Velcro patch in my mind and sticks. The wait can be maddening, though. I've never before had to face this many options!

K. Z. Snow said...

Well . . . I started something. It was just knocking around in my head, so I put pencil to paper. (Literally. It's often easiest for me to kick-start ideas by sitting in a recliner with a notebook -- of the spiral-bound variety -- and several sharp pencils.)

I haven't done a contemporary in a while, so this one is a m/m contemporary. I haven't done first-person narration since my EC novella Liberation, so it's that, too.

I thus far have the main characters and a storyline, and some fleshed-out scenes. (I hate when that happens, though -- when paragraphs present themselves out of order. It makes for greater effort when everything must be knit together. But I'm not going to chuck something that's good!)

Soon I'll find out if this project is interrupted by promo and/or edits. That's usually what happens. :-/ Ah, but it's sweet just to be writing again!