Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Now here is the perfect world. A sultry summer day. A lake cottage. A beautiful, wet, dark-haired man. A beautiful, dry, fair-haired man.
I think I'm going to take up residence in this cover when I'm finished being Nathan's lunch (you'll have to look at the previous post to understand that statement . . . maybe).

See ya.

(Oh . . . there's an excerpt up at the Liquid Silver forums, but I'll be posting a new one, here, soon.)


Jenre said...


Really looking forward to reading this book.

Hub liked the title btw. He was looking over my shoulder as I was looking at this page. I've told him to not do this as sometimes he sees things he doesn't want to see on other sites (like naked arses, for example). Still, it must be good if it's got the hub seal of approval :).

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Jen. It was the depiction of the blonde character I was so concerned about, but Lyn Taylor at LSB found the perfect model on only the second try. I'm very grateful.

Although I've written a first-person contemp before (for Ellora's), I've never done a m/m in this POV. It felt very natural. I enjoyed it so much, I'm planning another.

That tickled me about your hub. Why are men so damned nosy? What I have to worry about is JLA's 15-year-old son wandering in while I'm working. Erp.

Jeanne said...

Love the cover, KZ
Yep, LSB has super artists, but then, when I think of how much improved cover art in general has become...
Very few cgis and weirdness anymore

Kris said...

Nooice! I'm liking the play of light on the cover.

K. Z. Snow said...

I also love how the lake and sky are integrated and Hero #2 seems to be emerging from the water, which is totally appropriate re. the storyline.

Must say, LSB tries hard to be accommodating. April Martinez runs a very good art department.