Monday, November 02, 2009

Channeling Testimonials

To Be Where You Are -- you know, the sequel to InDescent -- is coming out next Monday (clicking the post title will take you to a blurb and two excerpts). In preparation for its release, I considered sending out ARCs to some of my favorite authors and certain industry outlets. The good folks at Liquid Silver Books don't have time to fool with that kind of stuff, so I thought I'd take it upon myself to politely solicit some high-profile opinions. First, though, I asked Castanet what she thought of this plan. Her response: "Are you out of your fucking mind? Like they're gonna piss away their time on one of your books? You got exactly ZERO connections, hotshot."

Okay, I huffed a little. But I finally, grudginglyly admitted she had a point. Then I started pondering that word "connections." Hey, I thought, I was an English major! I do have connections!

So I decided to offer the ARCs to a different group of favorite authors. Problem is, they're all dead. I had to channel their responses to the book. (Now don't disparage my efforts; I have a very reliable Ouija board.)

EDITED TO ADD: The post just below this one was done as a favor to a fellow author. Hey, I may have quite the racket going here!


Jenre said...
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Jenre said...

Grrr to typos.

I think this is evidence that you have now officially flipped your lid.

You've obviously been spending far too much time with that Castanet woman, so much so that it's addled your brain. My advice would be to go and lie down in a dark room with a flannel on your forehead until this urge to channel dead authors passes.

K. Z. Snow said...

I allow typos on my blog, Jen.

Castanet does actually prove useful from time to time. She mostly reminds me how important it is for us to be able to laugh at ourselves.

The flannel-on-the-head cure? Doesn't do any good. Lying down in a dark room only encourages my mind to be more active. The dead authors' voices will only get louder. ;-)

Tam said...

With endorsements like that you'll go far milady, far. Ahem, yeah to Bellvue perhaps. :-)

So you're telling me when I see random quotes from famous people in the front of books they aren't spontaneous outpourings of affection from people who paid good money for the book? Oh wait, then they wouldn't be in the book when I buy it. I'll be they don't even read it, it's all a plot by the publishing industry to suck up my hard earned dollars. Like JK Rowling gives a shit about anything but Harry Potter and porn. *humph* (I totally made up the porn thing but I'll bet I'm right. She's British, look at Jen.)

My word veri is: herse Not spelled correctly but appropriate for this post. LOL

Jenre said...

Excuse me!
I'll have you know I'm all sweetness and innocence. :p

K. Z. Snow said...

Oh, Tam, you reminded me that I had intended to contact J. K. Rowling, since she's all about wizardry, but then I remembered...she's still alive. Damn it.

I'm still trying to figure out how to pimp myself as a "bestselling author." A lot of writers do that (most of whom I've never heard of), so I know there are plenty of bestseller lists floating around. Just haven't found the right one yet!

You got "herse"? Now that's creepy.

You never have to excuse yourself, Jen. I'm one of your fans! :-)

Tam said...

I have a friend in Edinburgh who lives down the street from JK's place. For a few thousand pounds she might take care of that pesky "still alive" issue for you. ;-)

Jeanne said...

Oh, damn, now why didn't I ask Sholem Aleichem for his testimonial!
I think that's an ingenious idea.

Word veri: yopeptio
What a Brooklyn boy yells out to a pal with an upset tummy
"Yo! Peptio!"

K. Z. Snow said...

Tam, don't tell me you're turning evil, too! No! O_O (Besides, I couldn't afford your friend's services.)

K. Z. Snow said...

Jeanne, see the following post. ;-)

(You still need to get to work on that Word Verification Dictionary.)

Kris said...

Wow, Ms C can be a little harsh, but good to know that you can put your other mad skillz (ie seeing dead people) to work, KZ.

I also made you a little something: *beams*

Tam said...

Kris: Yeah, that's what he said, then he dumped her.

OMG, I am turning evil. Sorry KZ.

K. Z. Snow said...

Well, Google won't take me there. Hm. Wonder what that means. Is my spirit guide blocking the link?

Kris said...

You have such a dirty mind, Tam.

KZ, I emailed it to you. You can thank me later.

K. Z. Snow said...

Better check your pulse and your backlist. You're not a dead author. Nevertheless, thanks for the ringing endorsement.