Wednesday, July 07, 2010

When good things happen to good people...

It just makes me smile. So here, in no particular order, is some really uplifting news about folks I happen to like. (Because, you know, life isn't all about dealing with #%#^&*@#* Word 2007 when all your documents are in Word 2003 and the *%$^#@*! program keeps shutting down because a certain person doesn't know what the eff she's doing and neither does her !*@#*# tech guy!)

Most excellent reviewer Val Kovalin will become most excellent author Val Kovalin when her m/m paranormal, Trinity Trespass, is published by Loose Id on August 31.

Clare London's m/m mystery Blinded By Our Eyes (intriguing, look-twice title to go with a stunning, look-twice cover!) will be released July 12 by the already-prestigious Carina Press. I loved the excerpt. (Go there to read it, because I can't get my damned link to work!)

Last but not least, a Katrina Strauss m/m contemporary, Sonoran Heat, is coming in September, in e-book and print, from Amber Allure. (No cover yet, I guess, but I don't need one to be sold on this novel. The short story that preceded it was persuasion enough.)

There, in three books, is a whole genre buffet of m/m goodness that extends from July through August into September. It's enormously gratifying (and helps me believe in karma -- heh) when lovely people who also happen to be talented are rewarded for their efforts.


Jenre said...

I've already said my congrats to Val and Clare. I shall look forward to to Katrina's book too - I always enjoy her books and I'm sure this one will be no exception.

Any news on Fugly? Have I missed the post where you've given us a release date?

Hah! Word veri is flamed - it doesn't apply to me personally but could apply to a number of the characters I read :).

K. Z. Snow said...

August 2 for Fugly, Jen. Late September for Electric Melty Tingles. (I've really come to love the POV character in that book.)

The WIP is now over 35k words with a good deal more to go, so it may end up being a novel. If, that is, my clashing Word versions don't chew it up.

Next book will be precious_boy. (That's the exact formatting for the title.) super-exciting news on my front. Or my back. ;-)

"Flamed"? Really? Haha!

Chris said...

Such a week of good news! :D

Veri: comither - very efficient form of "come hither."

Katrina Strauss said...

Aw thanks, KZ! I'm happy that you're happy that, well, I'm happy. And many congrats to Val and Clare! :D

Tam said...

Congrats to all the authos on upcoming book and you too hon. I'm thinking precious_boy is a user name. :-)

Hope that Word isn't giving you too much trouble.

K. Z. Snow said...

Ooo, I like "comither"!

You're welcome, Katrina. A contemporary in your hands can only be luscious. The characters were so sharply drawn in "Breakfast...," I know they and their relationship will become even more compelling.

Tam, I really have no clue how best to work on and save my 03 docs in 07. Everything's been pretty hit-and-miss so far. For some reason, I can't seem to access the Help line.

At least Avast is doing its job. It intercepted a couple of nasties just yesterday, even though I've greatly reduced my Internet crawling.

Chris said...

Avast does good work. :)

Lily said...

Thanks for the heads up on Katrina's book. I just saw Val and Clare's yesterday. Looking forward to reading them as well as yours.

Val said...

Hi, K.Z., and thank you so much! How nice to see this come up with my Google Alerts! And I didn't know about Clare's and Katrina's news -- I'm definitely keeping those in mind.

And that's great to get an update on your projects! I already know how well you write, but I'm just floored at how fast you can write! I mean, Fugly, Electric Melty Tingles, a WIP at 35K+, and precious_boy! This is going to be a good autumn and winter for us readers. :)

K. Z. Snow said...

You can't go wrong with a Katrina Strauss book, Lily!

Hey, Val. Of course I had to give your news a mention. :-) I know what a labor of love it is to write a book, and I know you've been working on this one for a while. It's wonderful to see your efforts come to fruition.

Actually, I don't write fast at all. Not consistently, anyway. I write in fits and starts. A lot of that has to do with the insomnia that plagues me and makes a full night's rest very elusive.

Actually, I haven't yet written a word of precious_boy. As often happens, the title came to me along with a kernel of a story idea. But I don't like to work on two books at the same time. That ruins the "immersion" experience.

Chris said...

KZ: This is another freebie that might be helpful for keeping your computer safe: Ad-Aware.

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Chris! I noticed yesterday that Super Anti-Spyware is also gone from my computer, so this redo must've resulted in the loss of all my software. The computer doesn't recognize my printer anymore either.

What a pain the ass.

Chris said...

What operating system are you running? Windows 7's really good at finding drivers for printers.

Oh, my veri word is costs. Hmm....

K. Z. Snow said...

XP. And it suddenly has amnesia about the printer it's been working with for the past six years.

Chris said...

Bad operating system. No biscuit.

LVLM said...

K.Z.- did your computer guy reformat the HD? If so, then you will have to reinstall your programs.

Do you have the printer software? If so, just reinstall. If there were updates then you'll have to do that as well.

XP- if he did a reformat job, then you'll probably also have to download service pack two or whatever the latest service pack is. Probably 20 by now. snort.

Damn, I had to reformat my old XP computer so many times I got fed up. Every single time I had to reinstall every friggin program and all the 20 thousand gabillion updates.

If you had the money, I'd say just buy a new one. They are much cheaper now.

Oh and on Katrina's books. I second and and third it, I've never read a bad Katrina Strauss book.

But then again, I've never read a bad K.Z. Snow book either. :-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Thank you, Leah. :-)

*sigh* I just had to deal with more bugginess. First Word07 went kaflooey, then my whole desktop went kaflooey (icons rearranging themselves and then disappearing completely). One of the backups of my WIP, in innocuous ol' Wordpad, just disappeared, and I couldn't save anything anywhere. I had to unplug the computer, wait, and restart it.

What's so maddening is that my "basement techie" doesn't know jack about most software. And he thinks the Internet is evil. (I have a feeling he has a Christian bent, saw the sites on my Favorites list, and now wants to blame my cruising habits -- which have been damned tame since I got this machine back.)

I'd LOVE to buy a new computer, but my car's been kicking my ass financially lately. My WIP is really rolling along now (40k words and counting), but all this shit keeps smacking me. I'm whupped. I just want things to get better.