Tuesday, November 30, 2010

FUGLY now available at . . .

the Kindle Store
ARe (All Romance eBooks).

Sorry it took so long -- SBAC (situation beyond author's control)!
In another respect, the timing was perfect. Val Kovalin of Obsidian Bookshelf designated Fugly a Recommended Read in her "Man to Man" gay-romance reviews feature for ARe's "Wild Fire" newsletter. Thank you, Val!


Chris said...

I saw the excitement of it being in the Kindle store play out in Kris's comments yesterday with SmokinHotBooks. :)

K. Z. Snow said...

Took me by surprise, I'll tell ya. LSB didn't alert me, and ARe, which usually notifies authors of new postings, didn't send out a notice either.

I feel bad about how long it's taken for the book to appear at distros, because people have been asking. Nothing I can do about it, though.

Val said...

Hi, KZ! It showed up at aRe practically in the 11th hour before my deadline for the recommendations column, but I was really glad to include it. I don't know why some pubs take forever to make the titles available through distributors. Decreased profit, sure, but it's made up in volume sales, right?

K. Z. Snow said...

Yes, Val, all publishers adhere to different timelines when it comes to putting their books up at vendors' sites. Some post simultaneously with a title's release, some wait a month or two, and some wait three months or more. Of course, they all have their own rationale. I remember how resistant EC was to listing through distros at all.

Thirty days strikes me as a good wait-time. The busiest sales period for a new book--at the publisher's site, I mean--is that first "magic month" after release. Once word of the title starts getting out, it's time to make it more widely available. (JMHO, of course. After all, I'm not a publisher!)