Wednesday, February 02, 2011


There I am,

At the Goodreads M/M Romance group,

Listening to the sounds of silence

In the echoing void,

Hearing naught

But the ringing realization

That I am not

Z. A. Maxfield.

Only RuPaul's "Drag Race"

Whispers an offer of comfort

Through rainbow glitter,

faux camel toes,

And ample acrylic








(Did that work?)
(And hey, I've made it easy for y'all.
Just click on the post title to find me.)


wren boudreau said...

It worked. I went over there, to your spotlight post. I'm tired, so I might have been a little incoherent.

Loved your poem. Feel your pain. Hang in there!

Jenre said...

I don't often have time to get over to the GRs m/m group cos I have enough on keeping up with life and the few things I'm involved in on the web.


Just for YOU, my dear, I went and posted some questions.

Now go answer them :P.

K. Z. Snow said...

Wrenboo, I saw you there! Will stop by.

Jen, thank you for your sacrifice!

Lily said...

Took me a while to find it since I've never checked out an author spotlight before. But I finally found it and managed to come up with some questions.

Enjoy the spotlight! :)

K. Z. Snow said...

I'm not used to spotlights, Lily. It's kind of strange.

Val said...

I posted some questions, which I hope weren't too silly. Good for you, giving us a little nudge with this post. That's always a good idea, and providing a link is even better! I find it very hard to locate things in that m/m group without a link. :)

K. Z. Snow said...

As usual, you're a sweetheart, Val. :)

Alas, I had to resort to nudging. My name isn't too terribly well known around there, and I really dreaded the thought of spending a month checking in on ... nothing.

I agree those boards are confusing. I haven't spent a lot of time at the m/m group, since I see it as primarily a resource for for readers, so I get lost too!

Thank you. I really appreciate the effort.

Chris said...

I don't often venture out of Publisher & Author News and Contests. If I get a chance over the weekend maybe - I am seriously frazzled right now.

K. Z. Snow said...

Aw, hope you get unfrazzled soon!

Chris said...

Thanks, KZ!