Monday, May 16, 2011

The Doldrums

I am in them.

Can't seem to make any real headway in this biz.  I think I fall into some substance category between wheat and chaff.  Dust?  Hell, beats me.  I'm feeling kind of swallowed up in this genre, and confused about readers' standards.  It's getting pretty depressing.  I don't know how to write what lots and lots of people will like.  And talk about.  And remember.  Just don't know how.

Don't.  Know.  How.  And maybe can't.


Kris said...

Have you seen the review and the comments about Visible Friend at Wave's?? Go read them and stop being an idiothead.

Tam said...

Hugs. I don't think there's an answer because as soon as you figure out what people want, fickle readers will change their mind. Love ya.

Chris said...

Definitely go over and read the review at Wave's place. And then go outside and sit in the sun for a bit. I think a lot of us in the Upper Midwest have the doldrums from our dreary, crappy spring.

Jason said...

Dude! You are one of the big names! You aren't wheat or are the Thresher with the big ass stick, girl!!

Jenre said...

You know what? Good for you that you write what you want to write. That you are willing to do what others aren't doing, even if it isn't always the popular choice with some readers who really need a kick up the back side for buying some of the dross they do.

How much more in the doldrums would you feel if you compromised yourself and your muse by writing what you think is a crowd-pleaser? You'll be selling your soul on the altar of popularity and I'll have to stop reading your books!

Not enough to convince you?

Try reading this again:

Now eat some chocolate and get back to the computer :).

Jenre said...

Also Wave and I had a fight nearly to the death over who would review Visible Friend at her site.

I lost :(

How many authors can say they've got reviewers fighting over their books for review? Not many, that's for sure.

Val said...

How many authors can say they've got reviewers fighting over their books for review? Not many.

Well, THAT'S for damn sure, ha, ha! Speaking as an author and a reviewer, I know all about that. Jen makes a good point.

KZ, I totally sympathize with the uncertainty because writing means you're toiling for long periods of time in the void with no feedback. But it sounds like you're not seeing the big picture right now.
Readers love your work!

Take Fugly for example. I think that might have been the one that got the most attention over at Goodreads, and it's also your most experimental one. Go, you!

You're one of my autobuy authors (and I can count them on the fingers of one hand).

I think one of the main reasons we readers appreciate you is because you're always surprising us with something unusual (and the fast, prolific publishing with every piece being top quality is nice as well!)

kawol said...

Can't weit fore more Stories. Your Books are the ones i've Read at least 2 -3 times and i mean I've Read Al of them. You are getrübt better and better all the time, so, please Write more...

wren boudreau said...

If you are dust then I am

(um, what's smaller than dust?)

subatomic particles!

There are probably more people than you realize who buy/read/like your books. I suspect that many of your fans aren't the kind who let loose on Goodreads. Keep writing what you want to write. Your books are deep, intelligent and clever. It's possible that that combination won't often appeal to the majority of readers who like shallow, swift and easy reading.

Don't. Give. Up.

Juni said...

There will always be people who just won't get you - let them go read the fluff that keeps them happy whilst you keep on writing more amazing, challenging tales.

AmandaM said...

That's crazy talk! You're a great author and I love every one of your books I've read so far.

K. Z. Snow said...

You guys really are wonderful. Thank you all. I'm just trying to figure out how to proceed. (Jen, I am not going to read that letter again and get all sniffly!)

Believe me, it's natural for writers to start feeling defeated as the genre explodes. I know I'm not alone in these doldrums. As ever more titles appear, it becomes increasingly apparent what kinds of stories most readers favor. And those of us who don't write such stories necessarily wonder what we can do about it -- or if we can (or should) do anything.

I guess it's an unavoidable result of loving what we do -- or, as one of my author pals put it, of being "dysfunctional." :)

Could be I just need some time in the garden. If, that is, the temperature ever stays above freezing (yeesh). It might help, too, if my friends stopped dying for a while. I don't know. I'm just having trouble getting intimate with optimism these days, and the "numbers" aren't helping.

BlueSimplicity said...

One of the reasons you're an autobuy for me is that you don't write the typical story. I'll be frank here, and not name names, but there are quite a few of the "best sellers" in this genre who write crap. And just like you, I want to **headdesk** repeatedly when I see all of these raving reviews on Amazon. But I agree with Jason - you're a much bigger name than you give yourself credit for. And you've gotten that way by not being ordinary, but being extraordinary. Go you. Maybe we fans don't say it enough, but THANK GOD there are authors like you out there who challenge and amaze us readers with each and every story.


K. Z. Snow said...

You're a sweetheart, Blue. Thanks for your support. Readers like you have kept me going, and I mean that quite literally. If I'd been looking at the numbers alone, I'd have given up a while ago.