Thursday, May 12, 2011

He's back!

Our pileated woodpecker was right outside my office windows today, knocking at a tree stump.  He's large and robust (stouter than the bird in this photo) and determined -- a real joy to watch.  I love me wild birds!  (Did I ever mention how uneventful my life is?)


Val said...

I used to have a cute little pair of Ladderback Woodpeckers that would show up at my window for suet from the suet feeder. The female would just sneak in and eat, but the male would always announce himself with several loud, robust chirps. I haven't seen them in a while, and should really see if I can lure them back with some suet.

We get scrubjays here too -- loud birds, but flashy and smart.

K. Z. Snow said...

Aren't they wonderful creatures, Val? Birds have an abundance of smarts, ingenuity, and personality (and the ones who winter here are pretty damned ballsy, too!) I'm especially fond of black-capped chickadees and cardinals, although I love watching barn swallows build their nests.

Chris said...

Pileated woodpeckers are cool!