Wednesday, February 22, 2012

(More) Doodoo Stirred

February 25 was unpleasant. It was full of stink from multiple sources. At first, the stink brought me down. Then I started getting angry. Really, really angry. I don't often get really, really angry. Irked, annoyed, irritated, peeved -- yes, superficially and temporarily. But that Saturday I was pissed. Royally. Still was on Sunday. (There are a few reeking hypocrites in particular I wouldn't hesitate to trip while they walked over a bed of shattered glass -- and I'm a freakin' pacifist.) 

I had a whole blog post planned, a damned good one, but then I thought, Why bother? 'Cause this song is so much more cathartic. (Plus, the Tea Party footage adds another level of aptness.)

You know what assholes have in common? They think their shit doesn't stink.


Katrina Strauss said...

There's some stinky doody being stirred for sure lately. Between PayPal crap affecting our genre, to bile being spewed by various politicians, I don't know what country, year, or even century I woke up in this morning. If you ever re-release Acts of the Saints, be sure and use that birth control panel photo as the new cover.

Jeanne said...

Brought back memories of the 60s when I was marching against the war.
Good catch,KZ