Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Today, I am this . . .

Yes, a kind of shifter. (My hair used to be the color of the body; now it's moving toward the color of the face. Thank you, Father Time. Not.)

The delightful Tam Ames, whose blog is HERE, has asked me to be a guinea pig. She invited me to kick off her series of features on veteran m/m romance authors' backlists.

Now, don't cringe. Tam has limited her selection of titles to the first ten I published in the genre, and seven of those constitute series books. I answered some questions, too -- like the one involving the Hungarian engineering student who stole my . . .

Uh, no. The questions didn't get that personal. I wouldn't divulge such information anyway, in part out of deference to certain men's sensibilities.  

So stop by if you can. There's no reason everything old can't be new again!

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