Monday, August 13, 2012

So Mitt Romney walks into a bar . . .

I wish. But no, he got his Wisconsin VP candidate through the usual Big Secret Pow-wows behind closed doors -- and not, like our Founding Fathers, the doors of a tavern.

I rarely discuss politics on my blog (actually, I'm sick to death of crippling partisan bullshit at all levels of government), but this development got me thinking.

Romney was, in many ways, canny about his choice. Ryan's already a national-level player, so he has plenty of political savvy. He's from America's Heartland, seems personable, and doesn't live in an ostentatious house, all of which make him appear more down-to-earth than his rich and robotic running mate. He's well spoken, young, and good looking. And his Catholicism will make him attractive to many Hispanic voters.

However, I still can't help but wonder how fundamentalist Christians, who make up an increasingly large and influential portion of the Right Wing, are really reacting in their heart of hearts to this ticket. Although they won't admit it publicly (at least not in this election year), fundies indeed consider the LDS a dangerous sect, and most of them despise the Roman Catholic Church. I've heard televangelists voice these attitudes time and time again, in no uncertain terms, and have read of born-again rancor against non-Protestants in countless publications. Seriously, these buggers are rigid in their beliefs.

So . . . are they more turned off by the heretical Mormon and his pope-loving pard, or by that damned homo-hugger of an incumbent? Who poses the bigger threat to Christian values?

And what about the vast middle class, those people who don't define themselves solely through their faith? Will they see through this conservative wet-dream team and get hip to the fact that corporations and obscenely wealthy individuals, always coddled by Republicans, do not have their best interests at heart? Will they remember that the Trickle-down Theory has already been debunked and in fact illustrated these song lyrics: "the rich get richer and the poor get poorer"? Will they quit assuming the whole shitty world economy is one man's fault and come to their senses?

I don't have any answers, but the presidential election -- not to mention Fox propagandists lifting their desks with their heretofore atrophied dicks -- should make for an interesting few months . . .



B Snow said...

The middle class doesn't understand that Trickle-Down doesn't work. They keep being told that it will, and there's not enough emphasis on the fact that the only result has been, as you said, the rich getting richer. Politics are too boring for most people to pay attention to (myself included). People will vote against their best interests because they're uninformed and would rather be entertained than educated. I know a guy, he's gay, he occasionally does drag. He's going to vote for Mitt because "Obamacare is the government forcing people to do stuff."

It's illegal to tie someone to a chair and force them to read history books and the New York Times, right?

Anyway, I'm kind of praying that conservatives just stay away from the polls in November because of the religion thing. That would be super.

K. Z. Snow said...

You're right. People don't understand that supply-side economics won't work in a globalized economy, and that Ryan's ideas are anachronistic. Outsourcing will only continue to suck jobs away from the U.S., not create jobs within the U.S. The only way to turn this around, MAYBE, is to give corporations even bigger tax breaks than they're already getting -- and even then, it would take decades for companies to return.

But then again, Republicans don't give a rip if our citizens are left with minimum wage, service sector jobs. The only people they seem to care about pleasing are the obscenely wealthy.