Monday, November 05, 2012

Announcement & Random Rants

This week I'll be hosting AN EXCITING GUEST BLOGGER! You know her. You love her. You can't get enough of her! So if all the election propaganda combined with endless blog tours have been numbing your mind, stop by in a couple of days for a refreshing break.

  • Speaking of the election, I've had it. The hype has become unbearable. Commercials, robo calls, "news" shows that don't report the news but instead give us opinionating pundits, sound bytes from political speeches devoid of substantive content, and the daily results of countless conflicting polls. Only when Hurricane Sandy hit did we have a respite from all the BS. Honestly, at this point I don't care if Alfred E. Newman becomes president; I just want the torture to end.
  • We just had the modem for our TV and Internet service replaced. Turns out we now have wireless (we didn't before). I'd always thought this would be an incalculable blessing. However . . . not for my Kindle, it ain't. Now I have to look at stinkin' ads every time I turn it on. I'm SICK of having ads shoved in my face!
  • Hunting season. Oh, gawd, hunting season. Boneheads with bows and arrows or rifles skulking through the woods. Dead deer hanging off vehicles. Blinding blaze-orange everywhere (what a hideous color!) Even though our dogs never leave our property unattended, I've heard plenty of reports over the years of hunters killing cows and even each other. If these trigger-happy morons can mistake a cow or a person for a deer, God knows what dumb-assery they're capable of.
  • I used to look forward to Thanksgiving. I stopped looking forward to it when the in-laws started showing up at our house every year. (Why not their daughter's much larger house? Why not their own house? Why always our house?) So I suggested that JLA take his parents OUT to eat -- with my blessing. Hell, I'll even pay for the dinner if I have to, just to spare myself the hassle of cleaning and cooking and cleaning again . . . followed by a depth of boredom that makes me want to jump out of my skin. So -- hooray! -- he's taking them out. Macy's Parade and football, here I come!    


Tam said...

I too will be glad when the election is over, although I don't watch much network TV so have not been inundated by ads. *knock on wood* One more day, one more day.

Thankfully (Is that something to be thankful for?) my family all live thousands of kilometres away, now if only my ex did. :-P But we moved shortly after we got married so I never had to do the in-law big holiday thing. They were nice enough, just BORING. We usually spent any holidays out at their house back in the day and that was BORING as well, but now I don't have to be bored, except of my own company. :-) Which is plenty, believe me.

Hang in there and yay for Thanksgiving out. Won't they expect you to be there though? Although you can eat and leave I suppose.

K. Z. Snow said...

" They were nice enough, just BORING."

That's exactly it! JLA's folks are 80 years old. His father's nearly deaf, and all his mother can talk about are casino gambling and her medical issues. They don't drink, either, and it's been my experience that alcohol is usually the salvation of most family gatherings. :)

Cole said...

Hey KZ, you should just keep the Wifi off on your Kindle, that's what I do :) If you have a newer one, instead of turning off Wifi, it just says to turn on the Airplane mode. The ads will still show up for a couple days or whenever they're changed, then they'll disappear :) I only turn it back on when I need to upload a book.

Chris said...

I pretty much live in a mass media vacuum, so I've been spared that crap. Plus I only have a cell phone, so I got not a single robo-call. Ahhhh...

Today's cool moment: Every bit of grass outside the Walker Art Center had Vote NO (against the proposed bigotry amendment) signs.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi there, Cole, you party monster! :-D

I did turn off the Wifi, which put Mr. Kindle in Airplane mode (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean). But the ads still haven't gone away. Gah!

K. Z. Snow said...

You've no idea how lucky you are, Chris.

An ex a-hole boyfriend of mine worked at the Walker. So I take it the signs add up to a good sign?

I'm hoping beyond hope Tammy Baldwin wins her race here. I think it would make her the first openly gay woman in the U.S. Senate.