Monday, November 12, 2012

Back to Business

The most consequential secret of Daren Boothe’s life centers on an unlikely object: a xylophone. That secret eventually led him to develop his professional alter-ego, a sensual, androgynous dancer. When Dare begins his second and considerably more wholesome job playing clarinet in a polka band, he meets an unassuming young man who takes his grandmother out dancing each week -- a man who has his own secrets.

Jonah Day immediately recognizes the clarinetist. Three years earlier they'd crossed paths in a therapist's office, but they'd both abandoned that route to mental health. Neither was ready then to open up about the psychological traumas that haunted them and had adversely affected their lives.

In an attempt to heal their wounds, Dare and Jonah turn to each other. Understanding and empathy come instantly, accompanied by ambivalence about their growing attraction. But the repercussions of victimization are many . . . and, often, impossible to anticipate. Regardless of their bond, Dare and Jonah could easily be driven apart by the very experiences they share.

Coming December 12 from Dreamspinner Press.
Cover art by Anne Cain.
Pre-order here.
(Excerpt posted soon.)


K. Z. Snow said...

This is in response to a comment by Katrina Strauss. For some reason, her comments get routed to my inbox, but Blogger refuses to post them.

So, in the spirit of "Fuck Blogger" (because I don't want any of my friends developing complexes), here's Kitty's comment:

"Anne rocks. And so do you. :D"

K. Z. Snow said...

Anne does indeed rock, but I'm afraid I haven't been rockin' nearly enough lately.

Chris said...

Oh, another great Anne Cain cover! :)

Mary G said...

OMG How have I not discovered your books yet? I don't know where but I can't wait to start. I think I'll pick Precious Boy first.

Mary G said...

And Chris hands here too! Hi Chris.

Mary G said...


K. Z. Snow said...

You betcha, Chris. ;-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Welcome, Mary, and thank you!