Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Going Into Print

Sometime between now and the end of June, Ellora's Cave will be issuing FOUR of my titles as print editions. This strains my belief.

Better With Age is an anthology of six novellas centering on older women gettin' it on with younger men. My contribution's original cover (from EC's "Oh Yum!" themed series) is on the right. You can read a blurb and excerpt at the publisher's site. Other authors in the antho are Mardi Ballou, Lyn Cash, Karen Erickson, Calista Fox, and Eve Vaughn.

I have some rather unique sex scenes in Liberation, so if you're not averse to hetero romance and a heroine with a gay best friend, instead of the other way around, you might enjoy it. (Besides, bet you've never seen a cover model carved out of teak wood and saturated with lemon oil. If you get the ebook, you can seem him supersized!)

My three related debauchery-and-dragon fantasies -- Wing and Tongue, Cauldron of Keridwen, and Prince of Glacier Glas -- will be put together under one cover. I had all kinds of ideas for a title for this collection, from simple (Farfields) to suggestively smarmy (Galdesh Confidential) to suggestively passionate (Fire in the Soul) to suggestively traditional (The Chronicles of Galdesh) to ridiculous but catchy (Big Teeth and Boxer Briefs). Alas, all were shot down by TPTB. I'm not exactly thrilled with the final title (not telling you yet, 'cause it's stupid), so I'm hoping beyond hope the volume gets a cover as stunning as the one for Wing and Tongue. This might be asking too much, however.

Stay tuned. I'll post when this print plan becomes a reality.


Clare London said...

Great news! I'm very excited for you.

(and here's hoping this comment gets through, this is the 3rd time I've commented on this blog in the last couple of weeks, but they keep being eaten by the NetGnawer...)

And this morning on another blog I had the word verification ampron.

An omen, or what?!!! I thought you'd enjoy that :).


K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Clare! Time will tell how great this news is. Given the state of the economy, having titles in print (and, therefore, subject to returns) makes me a little uneasy.

Ampron. Hmm. Could swear somebody else had that one recently. (I'm keeping a list of Blogger's weird words. Really, I think they have creative possibilities!)