Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What's better: crazy diatribes or crazy book titles?

So I go on my little late-night blog tour, just to see what's up in different sectors of the 'Sphere, and I come upon not one but three diatribes (I like that word better than "rants," which is really starting to bore me). Shee-it! One of 'em sent my eyeballs into orbit around my brain, because it was so godawfully lonnnnggggg and lacking in simple sentences that it managed to obscure its own point . . . if there was one. Another sent my brain into orbit around itself, because the "message" was both very earnest and just freakin' nonsensical. (That combination always makes me feel I've been dropped into a Lewis Carroll book.)

To put my head back into balance, I went to Oddee and found much more enjoyable kinds of weirdness. So, just in case you need the same adjustment, check out these lists:

fifteen insanely titled books,
twelve more insanely titled books, and
the final ten insanely titled books.
(You'll get to see the covers, too, which I think really enhances the experience!)

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