Sunday, April 19, 2009

My New Superstition

I'm starting to think blogs are self-fulfilling prophecies -- seriously -- and that's making me hinky about posting. I recently pondered the phenomenon of diametrically opposed reviews of the same book . . . then ended up on the receiving end of just such a pair. I did a study of wankfests . . . and inadvertently ended up hosting one.

Is there some kind of juju to prevent this? Or should I just post about the joys of being a wildly successful, wealthy, critically acclaimed, prize-winning author who photographs well . . . and then sit back and see what happens? ;-)


jessewave said...

Wankfest? Wankfest? I object to that.

Or should I just post about the joys of being a wildly successful, wealthy, critically acclaimed, prize-winning author who photographs well . . . and then sit back and see what happens? ;-)I think you should post on the above. I would show up to see if you're just as popular. :)

I was on my way to another wankfest and thought I should drop by here first, because your blog has become so popular I have to stand in line. I'm on my way now to get some bacon - don't ask me why. :)

K. Z. Snow said...

WAVE! Or should I start calling you Braveheart?

Youse guys landed on Mrs. Giggles blog, did you know that? I'm sure people are getting the impression that reviewers are just as wild 'n' wacky as Mormons.

Bacon? May I have some before you do nasty things with it? And some eggs, over medium, with hashbrowns and whole-grain toast spread evenly with orange marmalade?

Emeraldjaguar said...

I'm just trying to figure how how the heck my name got dragged into this. Just got all the links to 3 different blogs, and really, it's just weird. I wasn't even in the dang convo to begin with, lol. And I object to being used to pit one person against another. People need to keep their argument going without putting my name in it, dang it.

...and why the frick is my captcha thingy slyzpron? what's really goin on here???

K. Z. Snow said...

Emmy, welcome!

Hey, I'm still trying to figure out how my blog got dragged into it. I'd originally intended to make a point about the mystifying differences in people's perception of the same thing. Those two reviews were meant to illustrate my point, no value judgments attached.

However, the notion of a war between Canada and Australia appeals to me the more I think about it. President Obama is taking all the snap, crackle, and pop out of the world. :-)

(I'm seriously thinking about jotting down all the Verification words Blogger coughs up, and then running a contest to see who can write the best story using all of them. 'Cause, really, they are strangely suggestive.)

jessewave said...

I had no idea you were dragged into this. I don't think your name was mentioned but I should check. I haven't even told Christian - I guess I should now that the War of the Roses is over (at least I hope it is). I'm off to get some more bacon to tide me over - don't ask why. It's bacon week!!

I just love that you give me all this unwanted and unwarranted publicity. How the hell did I end up on Mrs Giggles? Was it a slow day? I'm not going there. This matter is over as far as I'm concerned anyway. See what you caused?

You're not getting any of my bacon. In any event I'm not visiting your blog again. The problem is now that you're on my blogroll I can't help looking - it's like one of those train thingys.

Well off to the salt mines i.e. my blog. Damn I have to confess to Christian that he started this discussion. :DDD

Emeraldjaguar said...

Wave: My blog was linked to right under your name on Mrs Giggle's blog, where she discussed why she chooses not to get books from publishers, and your bessie mate Ann used me in her post about your lil tiff as well. Not happy.

KZ: You should totally use blogger word prompts to post little ficlets. It would be hilarious.