Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blogging with AMANDA YOUNG

This Friday, August 14, I will be interviewed at the "Romance Without Inhibitions" blog of prolific, multipublished (including at Loose Id and Amber Allure) author Amanda Young. If you think her tagline is an overstatement, just take a gander at some of her ballsy titles: A Kinky Orgasm, Triplesex, Hard Candy. Now that's laying it on the line.

So please stop by to celebrate quality smut for the discriminatingly oversexed. Your comments will, as always, be welcomed! (Click on the post title to get there, but don't expect to see me until Friday.)


Tam said...

So you are saying those of us that are undersexed (is there anything LOWER than undersexed) aren't entitled to high quality smut? If anything we need it more, being deprived and all.

K. Z. Snow said...

Now you're making me think again, Tam. I hate when people do that!

Less than undersexed would be, I guess, asexual. But surely that's not you. Anyway, even if you're busy thinking pure and noble thoughts tomorrow, stop by.