Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Lady Luck visits Castanet Feldman!

With what, you ask? A fabulous offer from a New York publisher? Or a flattering invitation from an elite e-book publisher? Or a glowing review and a place on someone's DIK shelf?

Hell, no. Better! (BTW, you'll have to visit Jenre's blog to find out who Castanet Feldman is. Truthfully, though, it isn't worth the bother, although Jen has a great blog.)

I spent a good portion of last week working for a friend who just purchased a bar and grill. The place had become a kind of landfill for grease, so some heavy-duty cleaning was in order. While scraping and scrubbing, two small blessings were bestowed on me.

One of the other women who was helping out there is married to a guy who repairs computers! You can't begin to imagine what a boon this is to somebody who lives in the boondocks, where finding a computer fixer is tantamount to finding the perfect organ donor. WOOT number one!

The next day, another woman arrived to help clean. And who was she? Well, a relocated Chicagoan and a member of a local book club! She was ridiculously excited to find out I was a writer and had a book in print that would give her fellow clubbers something "meaty" (but not of the smut variety) to chew on. "Would you come speak to us when we discuss it?" she asked timidly, as if I were Nora effing Roberts. "Sure!" I said. "And I'll even autograph your copies . . . for free." (No, I didn't throw in those last two words.) So, barring any complications, like a massive Amazon outage, Acts of the Saints will be read by the rural equivalent of Oprah's flock. WOOT number two!

And herein lies the advantage of living a simple life: little things DO mean a lot. ;-)


Tam said...

Congrats Casta. :-) I need a computer fixer-upper. Living in the "big city" I could go to Best Buy but they annoy me on principle. So I must seek out a more independent fixer.

Congrats on being locally famous. I hope they at least give you cookies and booze in exchange for autographs. When are you going to break it to her about the smut you have available as well? If I were in her club I'd be more interested in that. Oh wait, that's why I'm not in a book club, because I'm shallow and low-brow.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hey, Tam!

I'll settle for the booze. Unless, of course, her "cookies" are of the Kris variety.

Actually, Candy already knows I write smut and thinks it's tres cool, since she's a very liberal old beyotch. She just doesn't know the gender of my protagonists.

But she will... ;-)

Clare London said...

Very exciting!!!!!! And GO GIRL!
(I'd write more but I'm in the lobby of my hotel with 10 minutes left on the internet clock and the keyboard only has one leg so it wobbles). But I *love* that idea of the reading.

(today's verification is - wait for it - bibbleye....)

LASR Admin - Romance Reviews said...

Sounds like a fun time will be had by all.. and I really REALLY need you to contact me :-) I think Yahoo has been eating your email!!


Jenre said...

Wow! You're now officially too cool and famous for my blog;).

Way to go with finding a computer fixer. I'm fortunate that a friend of mine fixes computers.

K. Z. Snow said...

Clare, love, I've told you a hundred times you can stop hanging out in hotel lobbies. I will lend you some money! You needn't go that route any longer. And if you're afraid of what your pimp will do to you...uh, I mean how Mr. Bibbleye will respond to your resignation, I have that covered, too. (Castanet has some persuasive amigos.)

La KZ will NEVER be too cool or famous for your blog, Jen. Kris's maybe, but not yours!

OMG, Judy! Yup, probably.

Kris said...

So what you're saying is that I should be practising my 'I knew her before her ego got in the ways'. I'll start right away.

BTW, will you be attempting a little m/m conversion at the book club?? Just wondering.

K. Z. Snow said...

BTW, will you be attempting a little m/m conversion at the book club??

If they feed me enough alcohol, I'll even pull out some pictures and diagrams!

Jeanne said...

Oh KZ, dahling, we must stop meeting in Synchronicity City.
I finally made the big time and will be, G-d willing, in NYC in February to do some book talk for a glbt Jewish book club.
And then you go and announce you'll be doing the book club route, too????
*cue Twilight ZOne music*
Unfortunately, no techie guy materialized on my mountain top.
Ah, well...

K. Z. Snow said...

WOW, Jeanne, how did you score that coup? New York City sure as poop beats Grand Marsh, Wisconsin!

The very best of luck on this venture! Now, where are my blintzes, oh Kitchen-loving Woman? ;-)