Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Huzzah! I am vampire RICH.

Now sitting in my computer is Clare London's LYD story, Out of Time ( And soon sitting in my hands will be a print copy of Joey Hill's Beloved Vampire (, which I won at the fascinating "Tarot by Arwen" blog of author Stephanie Arwen Lynch.

"Oh frabjous day, callooh, callay!" I chortled in my joy. Clare London is brilliant. Joey Hill is brilliant. What's not to celebrate?

I love vampires. I've loved vampires since Bela Lugosi rhapsodized in moody black-and-white about the music made by creatures of the night and Dwight Frye as the demented Renfield expressed an enthusiastic preference for fat spiders over puny flies.

Vampires haven't actually changed over the decades. You know that, don't you? It's just that various authors from Poppy Z. Brite to Jordan Castillo Price have shed more light on the astonishing richness and variety of this particular race (like my dear Adin Swift and Ridley Barron, and the depraved Birkett from Plagued, and all the vamps who dropped in at Adin's birthday party in Tormented).

So as I again submerge myself in the subculture of blood drinkers, I might feel inspired to explore it further in my own writing. We'll see. For now, though, I'm just happy to have two fangulous reads to look forward to!


Tam said...

Enjoy. I like vampires but I'm not a ... umm, vampaholic? Vamp-ho? Well, you know. Have a big glass of tomato juice while you read, just to get in the spirt. Throw some vodka in it too.

K. Z. Snow said...

Will do, Tam.

Beer with a few drops of food coloring works for me, too. ;-) Damn, I'm a cheap date -- even when I'm with myself!

I'm not a total, freakoid vampaholic; it's just that I haven't had a dose of their old black magic in a while. I'm looking forward to it!

Wren said...

I admit it. I'm a vampaholic. (Sigh. Another Anon group, like GRAnon. This is Vampanon.)

My love for them grew exponentially when I realized that many people write about them and nobody follows the same rules as anybody else! I love that!

Beloved Vampire is, as I write, sitting on the end table next to my comfy couch. I'm trying to hold off b/c I know I will hardly come up for air once I've started it!

K. Z. Snow said...

You just know we're not alone, Wren. Our numbers are legion!

I'll think of you as I read Joey's book. She's a really nice person in addition to being one hell of a talented writer. Same is true of Clare. It's an unbeatable combination that never fails to impress me.

Jenre said...

I've just read the excellent Hemovore by JCP and delved into yet another side of the vampire myth. Vampires may not have changed but the whys and hows of it can be endlessly played with and I love it. Even though I'd personally never like a mouthful of blood, the sheer carnality and sexiness in a great blood play scene makes me shiver each and every time.

Clare London said...

*awwwww shucks*
I hope to god you don't hate it, now. I'm hardly a master LOL (or should that be mistress...?).

I think it's the one fantasy theme that's guaranteed to draw me in, time and again. I read other fantasy and like it - though I remain unmoved by most shapeshifters! - but a vamp tale in the hands of a favourite author will get me every time.

Like Jen says, it's a theme that can move with the times, too, yet still stay entertaining. In fact, I think that's *why* I like it - it's not bound completely to time or tropes. Well, or maybe it's just because I'm too damned lazy to do a lot of research and I can manipulate my vamps to be what *I* want LOL.

And hey, if you're going to return to it, maybe I'll be tempted to try some more too, soon...^_~

I love that first pic of yours :).

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, chickies!

Vampires' appeal, I think, has to do with the fact they're human, and therefore like us, but are a distillation of the dark, self-serving, sensual side of our natures that we've been conditioned to keep in check. Add to that their immortality and supernatural powers, and you indeed end up with a very mysterious, enticing creature.

I love how authors over the past century-plus have made vampires such multifaceted beings. Again, it comes down to the boundless possibilities built into that human/superhuman mix of traits. But as you said, Jen, it's the unadulterated carnality that always rules their natures.

Hypersexuality, fearlessness, and the shadows of night -- can't beat that combination!

Isn't the photo evocative, Clare? Ah, Bela...incomparable!

Obsidian Bookshelf said...

Love the photos!

K. Z. Snow said...

Val, I was really happy to have found that picture of Renfield. Dwight Frye has always languished in Lugosi's shadow, but his performance in Dracula was brilliant!