Sunday, May 16, 2010

Doldrums and Dandelions

Again, I've been fighting off the Pre-Release Doldrums caused by the Invisible Author Syndrome. I tell myself I should be out pimping Mobry's Dick, then ask myself, Why? Who gives a rip? (Yes, it's entirely possible I have too many selves and they don't know when to shut the eff up!) Hopping over to Goodreads wasn't a good idea, since (a.) I still have no clue what role authors play in the m/m group and (b.) that group makes me feel even more invisible -- which, as I suggested above, is not conducive to enthusiastic book pimpage.

Solution? Piss on it. Let's go flower shopping! Up until now, we've had a weird spring -- warm in April, cold in May (especially at night) -- and the only blooming plants on our acreage have been dandelions and some rather pathetic lilacs. But things are looking up, at least on the weather front.

So off we went to the flea market. Back we came with blooms. Since nighttime temps won't be above 50 (F.) for another few days, I only felt comfortable making up some hanging pots; they can easily be carried indoors when darkness falls. But soon, the rest of the flowers, along with bean seeds and tomato plants, will go into the ground. I've also been seeing sandhill cranes, Baltimore orioles, rose-breasted grosbeaks, and hummingbirds. They're seasonal visitors, and their appearance always means "sumer is icumen in." Or is about to, anyway. Plus, the jack-in-the-pulpit is opening, the ferns are unfurling, honey bees are buzzing about, wrens and bluebirds and barn swallows are darting in and out of their weathered houses and fresh new nests, and daylight lingers.

It's amazing how revitalizing nature can be.

Now, if it could just get me to pimp that damned book . . .


Chris said...

Well, there's the author self-promotion list on the GRs group.

And there's Jase's author news - you send him a PM and he'll post about your release on Tuesday. (Authors should not post about their own releases in this particular group.)

Last week I posted about the contest in the Contests area of the GRs group.

And you're totally not alone in not being sure how to do the promo thing. Email me and I can point you to some other places.

vslavetopassionv said...

Hi, this is Jase from the previous message from Chris! :) I just sent you an email about an opportunity. Now how is that for timing. haha!


K. Z. Snow said...

I saw that, Chris. My, you do get around!

Thanks, Jase. Hope you got my reply.

Chris said...

Ah, if only it were more than virtually. ;)

And, since Jase and I are coordinating the "drink the sweet manlove koolaid" thing with the BDB group, I can confirm that he got your email right before he signed off for the night.

Val said...

Hi, K.Z., do a post at Wave's site like your previous one! (Remember Sniveling Emo Snot-Monkeys?) Wave's site is big and a great place to remind people that your book is coming out. Do something on steampunk, which it sounds like Mobry's Dick has some elements of. Or do any guest post having anything to do with sex or humor. You can't go wrong with either topic, I've found, and Wave would love to have some new content.

The flower buying sounds great, BTW! That's sometimes the very best thing you can do to get your mind off online stuff -- something in the physical world. We've got hummingbirds, irises, and mourning dove mating season all going on down here near the Mexican border. If the mulberry pollen would just clear up, I'd be in paradise right now!

K. Z. Snow said...

Hiya, Val. What a co-inkydink! I was just at your place (you haven't posted in so long, I was starting to get worried!) Are you finished with jury duty yet?

Thanks for your suggestions. I really don't want to pester Wave, though. Sounds like she's already got some new stuff lined up, in addition to having her hands full. Besides, a slew of things have conspired to put me in kind of a slump lately, so it would be difficult to come up with a post that's even moderately entertaining or informative.

Oy, pollen! Our patio table and windshields have been a sea of yellow lately. But, yes, the flowers and birds and trees and grass...what a lift after bleak winter! And what a pleasant diversion from bleak thoughts. I think we all need to step outside ourselves once in a while. ;-)

Val said...

Hi, K.Z., I did indeed finish jury duty with nothing happening and I don't have to do it again for 3 more years (unless federal court calls me, which -- and I'm looking around for some wood to knock on -- hasn't ever happened before). But then I caught one of those spring colds, and this after getting through the fall and winter in perfect health, ha, ha! So I know what you mean about not feeling like posting for a day or so. But I'm looking forward to your book release, and I'll definitely be picking it up! :)

Tam said...

I love flowers but totally have no motivation to do anything on my own. I hate gardening. If I had a hot hunky gardner to do it for me I'd be happy. :-)

Good luck with the promo, the hardest part I think.

K. Z. Snow said...

Tam, how can you hate gardening? Are you a communist?

Yeah, promo is a bummer. A lot of writers feel that way, either because they're naturally introverted or because promotion seems like an exercise in futility. I wish I were one of those people who loves grabbing the spotlight and screaming, HEY, LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME! MY BOOKS ARE WONDERFUL! But I don't seem to be wired that way.