Monday, May 24, 2010

I'm sorry for the delay.

Not only do I dislike being boastful, but I really have been immersed in my steampunk WIP. It feels good -- a wonderful antidote to PETTI (Prolonged Exposure to the Internet). Anyway, as many of you know, a certain Reviewer Extraordinaire recently gave me one of these:

So I'm blowing it.

Because it's way better than getting one of these:

(If you have no clue what I'm talking about, click on the post title. I'm not going to expound. It makes me too self-conscious.)

Love you, Jen.

(And a note to Juniper, who won Kris's Krazy Kontest: You're a brave soul for picking InDescent!)


Chris said...

'Fess up, KZ - that second picture is of your very own garden gnome.

Chris said...

D'oh. Did not subscribe to comments before.

K. Z. Snow said...

'Fess up, KZ - that second picture is of your very own garden gnome.

I wish.

wren boudreau said...

Ain't it great when somebody toots your horn for you?

Gosh, that didn't come out quite the way I expected.

Glad you're feeling good about your immersion. Happy WIP!

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Wren. The WIP represents new territory for me (restless imagination and all that), so I'm enjoying it in a Dora the Explorer kind of way. I suspect that by the time I'm finished with the thing, I'll heave a sigh of relief and escape back into contemporaries.

I can't seem to come up with a nice way to talk about blowing, but I guess it's a fine experience no matter what. ;-)

(Oh, great. I'm sitting here shoving trail mix into my mouth, and word veri taunts me with "fatsa." How did it know I'm female?)

Jenre said...

You deserve it, mate :). Interesting book choice for Juniper, but I'm sure she'll love Jackson and Adin as much as I do.

Tam said...

Wren has such a dirty mind. LOL I adore her. :-)

You deserve it hon. You know we are so going to be scouring the internet for that gnome so we can sent it to you now. :-P

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Jen. It only seemed right to acknowledge this honor on my own blog, hence my guilt over taking days to do so. My mama didn't raise no ingrates. :-)

Hm. You seem to be more familiar with Juniper's tastes than I am. (Actually, I'm not familiar with her tastes at all.) If that's an odd choice for her...uh-oh.

Jenre said...

I'm not really familiar with Juniper at all. It's just that, in my mind, InDescent is a book in the middle of a series, and that just pushes all my OCD buttons - I even felt a twinge of guilt for starting reading the series at Obsessed!

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks again, Tam sweetie.

Let's face it: we're all envious of Wrenbou because we know where her mindset comes from -- an accommodating mister. *g*

As much as I love that dirty gnome, I don't think anybody will want to ship a concrete yard ornament to me. That's a one-way ticket to herniaville. (I once had a concrete gargoyle; I know.)

K. Z. Snow said...

" my mind, InDescent is a book in the middle of a series..."

Erp. That's pretty much the case, isn't it? She probably didn't realize that. And it isn't easy to realize that, since the books are spread out over three publishers.

Double uh-oh. I hope the poor woman doesn't feel all at-sea. I should've probably sent her Obsessed, too.

wren boudreau said...

You guys certainly make me smile :)

Um, yeah, BH is pretty talented.

Maybe we can find a hollow gnome?

K. Z. Snow said...

"Um, yeah, BH is pretty talented."

Now knock it off. You keep rubbing our faces in this ( to speak), we're going to start stalking the guy. Kris said so, and she has beaucoup expertise.

"Maybe we can find a hollow gnome?"

But then he'd have a hollow wienie!

:D :D :D

wren boudreau said...

No stalking the BH!

Hollow crack me up!

Juniper said...

Should have visited this site to thank you again long before now, but hope to now rectify this - THANKYOU!

Did read Tormented previously when still in my m/f phaze, but somehow missed Obsessed. Don't worry, though, I'm not lost, but I will have to go back & read them all in order.

Love the gnome - who was the model (e-mail me if you don't want Kris to be upset with the answer)

Thanks again

K. Z. Snow said...

You're very welcome, Juni. And I do apologize for not explaining.

I couldn't publish Obsessed through Ellora's Cave, because they said the men's relationship "violated" the HFN at the end of Plagued. Then I couldn't publish InDescent at Changeling, because it vastly exceeded their length limit. (And I did fear a hideous cover, so I was rather glad to go elsewhere.)

Jackson and Adin are now happily ensconced at Liquid Silver, where To Be Where You Are, the sequel to InDescent, was also published.

Now that you're good and confused...go forth and read! ;-)

K. Z. Snow said...

P.S. Can't divulge the name of the gnome model.