Wednesday, August 04, 2010

About that workman with the great ass . . .

KZ Gets New Carpeting and Kitchen Floor;
Dodges Jungle-size Houseplants
Looming Over Her Desk

A man has been here for the past three days laying new floor covering pretty much throughout the house, which has been in a complete state of disarray for the past month in preparation for his work.

Was the wait (and the echo) worth it? Was he a hunk in tight, tattered jeans? Did a hint of buttliciousness show when he bent over? Hell, no. I got a 62-year-old man with a beer belly who drank two pots of (my) coffee a day, resulting in motor-mouth and the incessant whistling of "Blow the Man Down."

The houseplants that were temporarily moved into my office are still nodding over my shoulder. One is a seven-foot cactus with spines about half that long.

I figured I deserved at least one good ass-shot to compensate for all my suffering and coffee brewing --but NOOOOOO.


Tam said...

Ugh. Beer belly. So not attractive. (Not that I'm one to talk, but whatever.) New flooring will be nice though.

Shayne Blaine Dane? A man of many names. Looks good, and gooey. :-)

K. Z. Snow said...

Yeah, the floors look great, but we were happy to see that dude go. Nice guy, but...just a teensy bit annoying.

Chris said...

New floor coverings are awesome!

And the worker dudes who show up at my place are never the hot worker dudes found in books, either. *sigh*

Lily said...

Yay for new floors!!

I've never gotten a hottie when I've had work done either. :(

Thanks for sharing the excerpt. Sounds good!

K. Z. Snow said...

That's life, I guess. I actually used to resent romance novels for their idealism. Reality was such a suckfest in comparison, I'd be more bummed after reading one! :-)

Kris said...

I was going to ask and what made you think that the workmen gods would answer your prays when they pretty much avoid everyone elses, but I think the comments says it all.