Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Don't get around much anymore.

It's been a peculiar couple of weeks for me. Been very preoccupied with some RL stuff, struggling to keep my WIP on track, dicking with computer glitches. (Shortening days and the onset of cool weather certainly don't help -- ugh.) As a result, I haven't been crawling the Webz much at all.

I've been relying on Google Alerts to ring my cyber-doorbell should something come up that's worth my attention, but Google Alerts hasn't alerted me to anything -- not a single blessed thing, aside from my own posts to my own blog; way to go, Google -- and that makes me even less inclined to get on the 'Net. (WTF? Are all the pirates rotting away in some computerless dungeon? One can only hope!) So don't anybody take umbrage at my lack of sociability. I do slink out of my burrow now and then to comment at a post somewhere . . . but then I slink back in again.

Maybe it's the pre-winter doldrums. I don't know. Anyway, just thought I'd clue you in.


Val said...

Me, too, actually! Barely doing any reviewing or blog-socializing at all in the temporary short run. Hope to get organized enough to return to it soon.

Good luck on that work-in-progress!

K. Z. Snow said...

I noticed that, Val, since yours is one of the places I've stopped at. Hope you get back in the saddle soon!

Gah, I've just had the major blahs lately. All that's really boosted my spirits, aside from an email re. my last release, has been the moratorium on DADT and the rescue of those Chilean miners. What an uplifting story that's been!

Tam said...

We all go through the "crawl in a hole" blues once in a while. Maybe it's our way of sitting back and centering before we get out there again. Or maybe we're just lazy. LOL I'll choose to believe the former.

I read your book and really liked it. That's a good thing no? *pout* You got 5 stars at Wave's. Yay you! Damn we should have a party. :-)

When you're in the mood to play the rest of us are out there, ready to welcome you back.

K. Z. Snow said...

Wow, thanks for the bulletins, Tam! That's a pick-me-up right there. I'm so glad you liked the story. Hate to let my girls down. ;-)

I don't haunt Wave's too much (all the doodads on the site make each page kind of slow to load), and as I said, Google hasn't alerted me to nuthin'.

I'm sure these blues, too, will pass. Yup, most everybody goes through such periods. If they don't result from one big bummer, they stem from an accumulation of little downers. Just gotta forge ahead. (This might not be the best time for me to be writing a story about a heroin addict--ya think?)

Tam said...

As long as you don't decide to see what it's REALLY like so you can get into their head completely you'll be okay. :-) I wonder why Google is being an ass? Mind you, it's technology so who the hell knows.

K. Z. Snow said...

I'm really baffled by the Google thing. I entered my name two different ways (with and without spaces and periods for the initials), but Alerts hasn't coughed up squat except my own blog entries. The notifications used to come a day or two late, but now they're not coming at all.

Your and Lynn's reviews were wonderful! Thanks, hon. I really became immersed in these characters (even the secondary ones), so knowing that some readers, at least, were pleased really makes me happy.

Chris said...

I'm honored you stopped by and said hi earlier. :)

Val! So quiet!!

Miss you both.

Hey, I just noticed your Little CJ Blog Award. I have seen the real Little CJ painting. O.o

My veri word is polkato - some variation of the polka involving potatoes?

Lily said...

Aww, sorry 'bout the kicks in the pants RL is trying to give you. It's been kicking mine for a couple of weeks now too. Total suckage!

I hope things get better for you real soon. When you're ready to come out and play we'll be here. You've been missed. :)

K. Z. Snow said...

Chris, Minneapolis is turning you into a punk. I think it's time you moved to St. Paul.

You actually laid eyes on the REAL painting? *shiver* I've seen stuff like that for sale on eBay and advertised as "haunted." Srsly.

I want that veri word! It's perfect for me. I live in the middle of potato country and grew up dancing the polka. (And you know what else? On certain nights, depending on the time of year and the phase of the moon, I've heard faint strains of music drifting from the potato fields between midnight and 3 a.m. Whenever that happens, the coyotes up on the bluff begin to howl.)

Chris said...

Yup. Little CJ's eyes follow you wherever you are in the room. Eeep!

I've always been a punk. :D

That veri word, it is now yours. A gift. ;)

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Lily!

Oh, it's nothing major. How strange, though, that you, Val, and I are in the same rut. What's up with that?

Hope things look up soon for you.

I, however, have nothing to look forward to but being isolated in the frigid, snowbound countryside whilst surrounded by dancing spuds and howling coyotes. Oh, and let us not forget the rodents in the ceiling. *sniffle*

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Chris. I owe ya.

Now go get yourself exorcised.

wren boudreau said...

I'm in the midst of reading Kate Sherwood's "Dark Horse" and crying my eyes out. Seriously, my nose is sore from wiping and I use extra soft Puffs.

So to settle myself before I have a breakdown, I check the ol' Google Reader and here I find you hiding!

In a hole under a tree! (That is so cool. I want one.) Do you have a sekkrit tunnel to Val's hiding spot?

I totally relate to the need to be unsociable, but I'm glad you popped up to let us know your sitch. Keep warm, get sleep. We luff you.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hiya, sweetie! I don't even know what Google Reader is, that's how out of it I am.

Big congrats on your release! That particular day, and the ones surrounding it, got lost in a tangled upheaval I'm not going to bother talking about.

Such is life. Good to hear from you, though!

wren boudreau said...

Sorry you're in upheaval-land.

Google reader is a neat-o little device that feeds you all the new posts on the blogs you follow. So you don't have to go around and manually visit each blog to see if there's something new. At the top your gmail screen one of the items you can click on is Reader. When you go there, you can tell it which blogs to follow. Or, conversely, if you're on a site and there's a "subscribe to" icon, or RSS icon, you click on that and it gets you there, too. It's very simple once you do it once or twice.

K. Z. Snow said...

Ahhh, I see. Guess I'm just too impulsive and random to have considered something like that.