Sunday, October 10, 2010

Shout . . .


October 11 & 12

If there's anybody who doesn't think coming out of the closet is an act of courage, even in this day and age, below is an example of what non-heterosexual people are still facing in our society. It's a response to a Yahoo News article, 10-06-10, on the Supreme Court's deliberation of the "funeral protest" case involving Mr. Albert Snyder and the hateful Westboro Baptist Church. The vicious ignoramus who made this comment calls himself "gaybasher."

The church obviously is out of line,however if the perverted gays with their sleaze ,slime and putrid attacks on the church and moral decency in order to spread their justification for being the lowest order in the animal kingdom weren't attacking the church and moral standards,there wouldn't be a problem..The Church needs to fight this sickness and disease with an intensity, but using different methods and not blaming the military for the sickness of these deviate excuses for animal most military find the gay lifestyle as repulsive as the church does.Mr Snyder should have taught his son different instead of creating the sickness. .---Watch the F(maggots). attack this comment with their perverted remarks and thumbs down and you will know what I'm saying.. WATCH it you sick perverts every thumbs down is a vote that the gay sickness is a putrid vote against being a normal member of the human race.

As an antidote to this toxin, click on the post title to read some personal accounts of coming-out experiences. They're infinitely more compelling and inspiring than the rants of brain-dead religious fanatics.


Chris said...

Ugh. The WBC is a scary, scary kind of crazy.

K. Z. Snow said...

What I found really chilling, Chris, is that this poster doesn't seem to be a WBC member. He apparently disapproves of the church's hate-speak when it's directed at straight members of the military, but he clearly believes gay soldiers and their families deserve it.

And that means there's plenty of "scary kind of crazy" going around that isn't connected to the WBC. A lot of people have no compunction about vomiting up their inner rot.

BIG-ass kudos to our brothers and sisters who come out knowing they might have to face such cretins.

Tam said...

My first thought is "everyone must know he's an asshole though", but the problem is, often those people are very skilled at knowing when to open their mouths (anonymously especially) and when to act "normal". So people you work with who you would never consider "whacko" sometimes believe that crap.

Allowing people like the WBC to use the term church and invoke the name of god in such a hateful way makes me even more certain there isn't one. Because no one with a lick of sense would allow that to continue. JMHO. :-|

K. Z. Snow said...

That's exactly right, Tam: there are plenty of "secret" ignoramuses who share these convictions but don't voice them unless/until the subject comes up in real life -- like at the voting booth.

I recently heard an interview with author Philip Roth in which he said, "When the whole world doesn't believe in God, it'll be a great place." That statement set me back on my heels. Not because I considered it blasphemous, but because it carried such ringing, depressing TRUTH. The heinous acts and attitudes fostered throughout history by "piety" are incalculable.