Friday, September 18, 2009

Better With Age

So, Ellora's Cave has put together two anthologies of stories and novellas from its "Oh Yum!" series featuring older women with younger men. My contribution, Liberation, is in the volume you see here (a 314-page trade paperback). I must admit, EC did a surprisingly good job on the cover. It's actually tasteful! And pretty! And has no chesty displays!

Click on the post title to satisfy your curiosity. You can, of course, still buy the stories individually in electronic format. Mine culminates in creative public sex. On a stage. In front of an audience. Yes, EC likes its kink. They don't, however, like commas or certain words, and I still cringe when I see the results of those preferences in my final copy. So have pity. ("Channel." WTF? How'd that word get there? I never put it there!)

I still don't know when my fantasy trilogy is coming out in print, and that's the one I've really been looking forward to since 1. the work is all mine, and 2. I won't have to split the damned royalties with five other people and end up with 18-cent checks--no exaggeration. *sigh*

UPDATE: My recently assigned "new" editor at EC, a very nice and very smart woman, said my Galdeshian fantasy collection is indeed scheduled for print, in time, she hopes, for EC's "Romanticon" in October. The book will be 107,000 words of dragon deliciousness served up via bold and randy women and sexually flexible men. (In fact, a couple of the stories in the trilogy contain some of my earliest forays into m/m eroticism.) So if you like otherworld fantasy and don't mind the "taint" of strong-willed yet willing females, you may very well like this collection. It will contain the complete editions of Wing and Tongue, Cauldron of Keridwen, and Prince of Glacier Glas. Oh, how I love the magic in these stories and in this world!


Jeanne said...

Okay, what words don't they like?
If you must, email me
And can you bop on by bookwenches and leave a comment on their guestblog where I'm at today, huh?


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Tam said...

But, but she doesn't look older than him. Or maybe I just don't look that good old. Oh wait, their version of older woman younger man is 21 and 30. Waaaaahhh.

Congrats on the release and hope the next one is out on schedule. When I read "sexually flexibe men" I'm thinking Cirque du Soleil. Oh yeah. Someone needs to write a Cirque series, flexible boys on trampolines and ribbons (although I did read the ribbon story). Damn, of on a tangent, sorry.

Here's some commas for you. ,,,,.

K. Z. Snow said...

You guys are both loopy...but I do appreciate that you stopped by. :-)

(Tam, you got that right about the "older" heroine. And the sexually flexible men? Yeah, definitely a double meaning there!)