Monday, September 14, 2009

New Day, Good Day

A lakeside summer idyll,
a budding romance . . .
and jealousy gone horribly awry.
(Available NOW at Liquid Silver Books. Click on post title to get there.)


Clare London said...

I'm FIRST here HUZZAHHH!!!!!
Congratulations on the release and I have my copy already *smirk at my speedy internet shopping skills*.

I would love to offer you my cover model as your release reward, but...hey. It'd be a boring life if we could have EVERYTHING we wanted, right?! ^_~

Seriously, I'm really looking forward to reading it and I hope it goes great guns for you.

ohhhh look at my word today: allury. That's just what I'd like to be...

Tam said...

You are allury Clare. I'm sure of it.

I can't buy it from work and didn't get a chance last night. My firewall thinks Liquid Silver is too pervy. :-) Later, promise, I look forward to it.

Clare London said...

Thanks Tam *hehe*.

And I know how you feel - we changed the security settings at work recently and now almost ALL the publishers come up with lurid warning messages! Luckily it seems to have passed LSB by.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Allury! How's your good--really, really good--neighbor?

Actually, getting everything I wanted would suit me just fine. So when you send that man over, make sure he's got a magic lamp with him. ;-)

Tam, if LSB offends your firewall, I sure hope you never try shopping at EC or RR. The damned thing would melt!

Thank you both, really.

Jeanne said...

Congrats, KZ!
And Clare, my word today was
art that recognizes the ovaries of its creator ;~D

K. Z. Snow said...

Thank you, Jeanne.

Those Word Verifications are just a little spooky, aren't they?

Tam said...

No, EC definitely not, and what is the other one? I must not shop there. LOL I supoose it all depends what the publisher puts as the "descriptor" out there on the net. Likely if the word erotic is involved as opposed to romance it gets snagged. Although I can get into Loose-Id, MLR and AmberQuill/Allure. No logic I tell ya, no logic.

Mind you, I can't even check the national lottery site to see if I'm a millionaire because the word lottery = gaming = verboten. Go figure.

Tam said...

Hmm. Do I put this here to e-mail you. ;-) I'll put it here.

So I went and did some shopping last night. On-line of course which was followed closely by some reading. :-)

I have to say KZ I loved your book. It kept me glued to it right till the end (and with my sudden development of reading ADD lately that's saying something.) I loved both characters and how the power kind of shifted or was shared between them and it made me smile and made me want to kick someone's ass. :-) Great job girly.

K. Z. Snow said...

Tam, darlin', you have SO made my day! That wasn't only the quickest response I've ever gotten to a book, it was one of the most heartwarming, because it was so spontaneous.

As much of a rush as it is to get good reviews, it's even more moving to get this kind of feedback from readers, who aren't under any obligation to offer their opinions.

Thank you megabunches for letting me know you liked the story. I'm so glad I didn't let you down!

*love 'n' hugs*