Wednesday, September 16, 2009

My Me-Me

Okay, my memory hasn't gone entirely to hell. Jen tagged me a while back to post something having to do with my workspace. Now here's the part where my memory has gone to hell. Aren't I supposed to list five of this and five of that? Like, five places where I stash the drugs, booze, and condoms? Or is it the inspy romances and foods that resemble saints? I can't remember.

Anyway, that desk above used to be my work desk. It isn't anymore, because the only space in which it fits affords no privacy whatsoever. Not in this shack, anyway. But it's a lovely old walnut office desk, and I've had it far longer than I've had any husband or boyfriend. Got it eons ago when I was in graduate school -- $25 at a garage sale -- and I've used the everlovin' snot out of it. It's my most beloved possession and has moved with me to about twelve different residences all over the upper Midwest.

Why can't my most beloved possession be a freakin' watch?

The monks? Yeah, this space also serves as my monk nook. I like monks. In fact, I have many totems. The corner where that rocking chair sits is now occupied by an empty fish tank. The rocking chair isn't mine, and I've always despised it, so I'm glad it's now rotting away in the garage. I like the fish tank a great deal, although I'd like it much more if it weren't cursed. Fish have very short life expectancies when they're in that tank. The bookcase used to belong to my mother. It's one of several I have.

Now, the foot under the door. That's the entrance to my current workroom, and the foot belongs to Buddy, the dog I eulogized in another post. You'll be happy to learn he was still alive when I took the picture. 'Cause, honestly, I'm nowhere near pervy enough to stick the paw of a dead dog under my office door -- no matter how much I might miss him.

The bookcase on which my hooker phone sits is what you see upon entering my sanctum santorum. The phone does work, but only for special incoming calls -- if you catch my drift.

Then you'd see a bulletin board loaded with crap I rarely look at, but it makes me feel secure. Then there's my shitty ancient computer and my equally shitty printer (the immeasurable shittiness of which you're well aware of by now), and a rather nicely placed window that lets me gaze out at the pines and the big ol' dog pen that used to house chickens until raccoons picked 'em all off.

Other features lay within, like a nice big bay window to the right and more bookcases and such, but I didn't feel like taking additional pictures.

See if you can spot the hedgehog!

See if you can spot Nathan! (Actually, I know you can't, because I positioned my desk chair to keep him hidden. He's shy about his role as my under-desk man. I guess most guys would be.)


Clare London said...

This is great, I love to see where people work and write :). Not that you're getting much writing done if you're constantly moving your feet to avoid poor Nathan. I think you should give him a holiday and he can come visit CoverBoy. Ok, so there's even LESS space under my work area, but somehow I think I'll - sorry, they'll - manage.

Word today: hypin.
And yeah, who isn't???

K. Z. Snow said...

Clare, you silly goose, it's not avoiding Nathan that keeps me from getting work done. ;-) And his holidays consist of sharing his space with the other men I occasionally shove under there, so he doesn't need to go anywhere to stay happy.

Jeanne said...

Love the bay window. I have a 6x9 space with a door that no longer shuts because we locked it and the dh kicked it open before I could stop him.
and he wonders why he can't walk!

MB (Leah) said...

I love looking at people's things; what they read, listen to. What kinds of knickknacks they have and how they decorate their spaces.

I find all those things to be very personal and show really what a person is about. More so than what they say or do many times.

I find your space to be very enlightening and interesting. :D

By the way, I'm reading Bastards and Pretty Boys and really love it. Totally get off on how you really get into the heads of your characters and how real and genuine they come across. Also love the little details. Nostril hairs? I loved that Charley noticed that in Booker. It's those kinds of details that we kind of unconsciously notice about others that when mentioned make things more real and three dimensional.

K. Z. Snow said...

Thank you, thank you, Leah! I also love Bastards and Pretty Boys. The book virtually wrote itself. That's what happens when I "find" two men, like Jackson Spey and Adin Swift, who are just so right for each other (all obstacles aside) they seem to be telling me their story as I type it.

My homes and workspaces have always been a quirky hodgepodge. I just can't seem to shave them clean of my personality and make them like magazine photos. Favorite things invariably creep in...and, once I'm attached to them, they remain!