Thursday, December 24, 2009

Most Excellent Weener of 2009!

Bet you thought Kris and I forgot about my contest earlier this month at the DIK blog (you can see what it was about by clicking on the post title).

WRONG. We don't forget anything -- except how to mind our manners on occasion. We both got caught up in other things.

An incredible entry came in -- not merely a dashed-off paragraph, but a whole flippin' short story. It made me laugh! It made me groan! It made me want to celebrate creativity! So I did just that by cracking open a beer. (Oh wait; maybe it was the sun setting that made me crack open a beer. Doesn't take much.)

If Kris isn't too busy doing unmentionable things with battery-operated devices under the Christmas tree, she should have this masterpiece posted at her blog for your enjoyment.

The Most Excellent Weener of 2009 will have her choice of one of my series. However, if she's read my series books or just plain doesn't want to be inundated with three novels/novellas that don't interest her, she can opt to wait for a free download of Utopia-X, Book 4: Finding Utopia, coming January 5 from Loose Id, or she can choose anything from my backlist.

Oh, and that reminds me. I want to slip in a quick apology for not offering something at Wave's Christmas Eve giveaway. I'm afraid I didn't know about it. So I wasn't being Scroogey; I was just uninformed. (Story of my life!)

Now, without further ado, here's the Kris 'n' KZ Most Excellent Weener of 2009!

Few of you know this, but Tam is a woman of many accomplishments. I'm not at liberty to discuss some of them, since they have to do with Canadian government secrets (and we all know how deeply into espionage, intrigue, and widespread international hell-raising the Canadians are), but I can share at least one with you. Based on her experience, savvy, and keen eye for beautiful underage young men, Tam has garnered the much coveted leadership of the CCC or Canadian Cougars Club:

Impressive, eh? Small wonder Tam won our award.

Well, she'd better get here soon. Somebody else is waiting for her . . .


Chris said...

Woot! Tam! Woot!

Jenre said...

Congratulations, Tam :)

Tam said...

That was hilarious KZ. That Canadian cougar poster was a classic. I do already have all your books (except m/f, nothing personal) so I think I'll hold out for Utopia X book 4. Yay me. :-)

It was fun and once again I apologise for crappy editing. I didn't spend much time on it.

Jeanne said...

Woot! Tam Tam the tastiest cracker in the store!
Word veri:
The time of day when Tam gets her cougar going!
(yes, I know it's not spelled that way in French. Can't help it if the word veri is dyslexic!

Tam said...

LOL Funny Jeanne.

Jeanne said...

I see we follow David's blog, SIAT...neat guy, isn't he?

Tam said...

Yes, I noticed Jeanne. David is great. He was my secret Santa this year, I got a great book and some chocolate. My daughter and I were lucky enough to go to one of his shows in April when we were in NYC. The man has amazing stage presence, and now he's so smitten it's amusing to watch. LOL

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, everybody! Sorry I'm late, but we were out doing the post-Christmas exchange and shopping gig. (My local resale shop, which is abfab, is selling all their holiday stuff for 75% off. Be still, my heart!)

Congratulations, Tam. LOVED your story! I'll be happy to send you UX4 when it's released. Just tell me which electronic format.

K. Z. Snow said...

P.S. Who's David? (You didn't think I'd let that one get past me, did you?)

Tam said...

Pdf for me. David is a guy who lives in NYC and does community theatre. He's part of the little gay posse that I hang with on-line. His website is

It was fun writing about you guys KZ. I'll look forward to my prize and congrats on all the deals. Freezing rain here is keeping us indoors. I'm not complaining though.

Jeanne said...

KZ, David is me if I were gay, thin and about thirty years younger. :~D
He lives in Brooklyn; is into theater and does community musicals.
He is a sweetie pie and Tam is sooo right about the smitten moment in his life. ;~D
I love his blog. Brings back memories for me when I was doing GIlbert & Sullivan and shows and called Brooklyn home.
As they say: He's a mensch!

K. Z. Snow said...

Well, I'll have to check out this person to make sure my girls are hanging with the right crowd. ;-)

PDF it is, Tam. You certainly deserve it. I don't think I'll forget, but if I do, don't hesitate to give me a nudge.

Tam said...

Geez Jeanne, you're not 80. LOL David is nearly my age, only weighs half as much. :-P

Jeanne said...

Okay, not 30 years younger...;~D