Tuesday, June 02, 2009

An 87 Review by Mrs. Giggles I Never Knew I Had

The book on the left was published shortly after Samhain opened its virtual doors for business. Acts of the Saints tanked pretty badly -- very badly, actually -- because the authors who helped kickstart the then-new epub were primarily from Ellora's Cave. Ergo, the readers who flocked to SP were fans of EC-style fiction.

Believe me, this book is not EC-style fiction.

(That's an Anne Cain cover, by the way. I've been her fangirl since I first laid eyes on it. Not original art, granted, but gorgeous composition. She was a real joy to work with, too!)

At the time of this novel's acceptance, Samhain's vision was to be a broad-spectrum publisher that focused on quality fiction in a variety of genres. It wasn't their intent to be just an erotic romance publisher, although one could hardly tell from their initial crop of offerings. I saw the writing on the wall fairly quickly (how could I not?) and gritted my teeth for the nosedive my book was bound to take.

And dive it did.

Now fast forward. Two days ago I was cruising Mrs. Giggles' archives, looking for Scott & Scott books, when -- lo and behold! -- I came upon my old author name. Knock me over with a limp dick. But the biggest surprise was yet to come.

Although Acts of the Saints is light years away from being a standard romance, Mrs. G. gave it an 87 and said the prose was "alternately beautiful and blasphemous" and the story had hooked her completely. My first reaction was profound embarrassment over the fact I had no idea this review existed -- I believe in thanking reviewers, just because it's the courteous thing to do -- and still don't know when it first appeared. So I can only shamefully extend my sincerest apologies.

Anyway, regardless of the age of the review, I'm deeply grateful to Mrs. Giggles for taking a chance on this book. As she points out, it definitely isn't for everyone's taste. The lady has balls.


MB (Leah) said...

You know, I almost never agree on Mrs.G's take on books but enjoy her style.

But I will probably read this book because you say it tanked. LOL

And because Mrs. G thinks you have balls. snort

And also because you said "knock me over with a limp dick" Buwahahaha!

K. Z. Snow said...

It's Mrs. Giggles who has balls, Leah, not me. I'm still working on growing my pair. They're stubborn little buggers and don't seem to want to drop! :-D

Clare London said...

You don't want balls, they'll spoil the line of your pants.

Anyway, many many congratulations! And this is from someone whose book has been (virtually) eviscerated by the same Mrs G. It's such a pity when fiction is shoe-horned into a narrow range of options in order to be published. And hopefully this review will regenerate interest in the book from people who like reading rewarding stuff, not just erotic romance.

Great stuff! :)

K. Z. Snow said...

The line of my pants has already been spoiled -- and sometimes split -- by expansion in other areas, Clare. ;-)

Actually, that review is archived and therefore too old to generate interest. I don't expect anything to come of it. In fact, I don't think anything came of it when Mrs. G first put the thing up. Coming across it was just a little Gnizz for my ego; I found it gratifying that someone in the romance community didn't think, Eww, why would I want to read that?

(Oh ... Gnizz is a substance that appears in next Tuesday's release, Exploring Savage Places. My imagination has grown fond of it!)

azteclady said...

"the lady has balls"

Definitely succinct and extremely accurate description, yup.

Congrats on the review!

Anonymous said...

I adore that cover, K.Z.. And congrats on the kudos from Mrs. G!

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, Anya. (Oh how I'd love to have another Anne Cain cover! But I've been graced with some other cover artists who are pretty danged good.)