Thursday, June 18, 2009

Metaphors and Similes Run Amok!

Sometimes, we do get a little exuberant with them, don't we?

Weeel . . . not as exuberant as some of them there writers on Literotica!

I howled like a wolf with him on my back. I was the Roman warship and he was the slave rower, accelerating to Ramming Speed until we crashed into the enemy ship in a blaze of orgasmic ecstasy, spreading the Greek Fire of our boiling sperm all over the universe!

I was his oil derrick, balanced on my head and hands while he fucked down into me, drilling into the hot oil of my guts. I was a prisoner of war tortured with his magnificent stake up my hole, forced to sit on him until I revealed the secret: "I surrender! You're too much for me! The secret is--"


MB (Leah) said...

Buwahaha! I tell you, Literotica words. LOL

This person does have a certain flair though. LOL

Kris said...

*speechless in awe*

whateverfor said...

That's just... well as a reader I can't describe it, but I bet that was a blast to write! Would that be a point where we need to steer away from certain lyrical tomfoolery?

Jenre said...

"boiling Sperm"

"Magnificent stake"
*double snort*

Exuberant is one word for it, I suppose!

K. Z. Snow said...

I must confess, I would love to pull out all the stops and write a story in this "style"... and then submit it to certain publishers (not the ones I have now, of course). If that bugger got published -- and better yet, got skewered at, say, Dear Author -- it would make my year!

Yes, Jen, the "boiling sperm"-- that was my fave!

Jeanne said...

"boiling Sperm"
OW! My brain! I can't get the image of a pot on a stove out of my mind!!