Sunday, June 28, 2009

One of my titles is in the Washington Post!

Actually, it's Treva Harte of Loose Id, one of my publishers, who's in the WP. She gave a great interview! (Click on this post title to see it.) But, yes, one of my LI titles got a mention -- Exploring Savage Places, Book 3 of the Utopia-X series. Just a mention, mind you, but what a monster shock to see it. I mean, the effing Washington Post!

Many thanks to TeddyPig for his attentiveness to all things e-publishing. I caught wind of this on his blog, The Naughty Bits.


Teddy Pig said...

I am not that attentive really I just am blessed with many great emails from wonderfully talented writers saying... "Hey Pig!"

Otherwise I can be incredibly dense I promise.

Tam said...

Yay you! I'll bet there are lots of people who will be goggling those titles to learn more. You're really famous now. :-D

Treva Harte said...

It was really interesting to see what his attention focused on -- and what didn't make the cut.

K. Z. Snow said...

However you get your info, Teddy, it's always enlightening!

Thanks, Tam, but I'm afraid a drive-by mention won't garner any attention at all. I was just tickled to see it!

K. Z. Snow said...

I can imagine, Treva.

Whether they realize and admit it or not, most journalists bring very distinct preconceptions to their articles and interviews. Often, it seems they already know how they're going to compose any given piece--what slant and coloration to give it, what info they'll include and what they'll exclude--before they even have the raw materials.

Still, that was quite a coup! Any remotely positive publicity for e-publishing is good publicity. Thanks for representing the industry and LI so well. ;-)