Saturday, June 13, 2009

InDescent sequel will appear at LSB.

It's official. To Be Where You Are, the sequel to InDescent, will also be published by Liquid Silver Books. This novella answers a looming question. Some of you know what it is. ;-)

I almost titled the story An Empathy of Burns, which I still kind of like. "Empathy" in this context is used as a collective noun -- you know, like "flock." Then I realized I couldn't realistically expect anybody to get it, because it's just plain weird . . . and, yeah, I coined the phrase. I am kind of a fan of collective nouns, though, many of which are a lot weirder.

(Why am I rambling? Since I have no idea, I'll just go go bed.)


MB (Leah) said...

Is there a tentative release date?

Jeanne said...

hi KZ
Told you so!
And yes, I'm glad you decided to "go go bed." :~D


K. Z. Snow said...

Sorry, Leah, I don't know what happened to my answer. I just realized it never showed up!

I'm afraid I won't have a release date for some weeks yet. But LSB did get InDescent out pretty quickly.