Friday, May 22, 2009

Bastards and Pretty Boys has a publisher!

Thrilled to announce that my contemporary m/m romance, Bastards and Pretty Boys, has been accepted by Liquid Silver Books. This will be my second book with them. (InDescent was the first, but the two stories are not related.)

I'm really growing fond of this company. Its incredible staff practically radiates professionalism combined with personal warmth, and they're all so very, very helpful. LSB is a real boon to the e-publishing community . . . and that ain't no bull.


Jeanne said...

Told ya so!

K. Z. Snow said...

Indeed you did, Jeanne.

You know, another thing that really impresses me is how much input we get to have on the covers. I can't describe how astonished I was to see that image of Jackson Spey on InDescent. I thought, Oh wow, that's really him! and then proceeded to get all tingly. :-)

Teddy Pig said...

I love Liquid Silver. Talk about a great company. I have heard nothing but good things.

K. Z. Snow said...

Welcome, Teddy! It is a wonderful company. I've been through a lot of 'em, and this one is just packed with SANITY. :-)

Xandra Gregory said...

KZ, that about sums it up. I've been really happy with LSB, too, but I don't have much experience with other pubs. However, all my dealings have been on a professional level, my questions get answered quickly, and I've been okay with their business decisions. Plus, I love the statements and information they give to authors. I'm told other companies don't track their info quite as thoroughly.

PS - I found you through the LSB authors forum, so welcome!

K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks for the welcome to LSB, Xandra! (BTW, I just replied to your comment on the "Unworthy Writers" post.)

I have a fair amount of experience with other publishers, and most aren't nearly as forthcoming or quick to be of help as LSB. It's a gem.