Friday, May 08, 2009

My Dumb Ass & Another Free Story

It started out like this. Kris, at her blog Kris 'n' Good Books, decided to mess with authors' minds. She obviously knows what flippin' divas we are. So a little while back, she threw down the gauntlet -- a really silly one, hung with all kinds of nonsensical bling -- and Sean Kennedy was the first to rise to the challenge. What was that challenge? To write a super-short story (1k-2k words) incorporating a hodgepodge of key words and concepts or "prompts." Sean, being a fabulous author as well as Kris's countryman (one of those demented Aussies), did a great job with "Drive Safe."

Then Kris tapped me. I still don't know what I did to piss her off. But I also tried to rise to the challenge, however droopily. My prompts were downright sadistic. I had to write a somewhat coherent tale based on the following:

  • a nudist colony coupled with some kind of checkpoint or customs/immigration station
  • were-kangaroos
  • a twink as a secondary character
  • some drama involving fruit
  • the phrase Live long and prosper
  • a romantic futuristic crime fantasy

That's right. All this crap wadded into the space of a few pages. You can access "The Amazing Fruit of New Hope," if you dare, by clicking on the post title. Just remember to cut me some slack. I wrote this thing in a day.


Kris said...

Crap??? CRAP????? Those choices were awesome I tell you. Awesome!

Almost but not quite as awesome as the way your short story turned out, K Z. It's terrific. *g*

A big, huge thanks for coming down from the pedestal to play with us plebs. ;)

Kris (one of those demented - it's a cultural thing - Aussies)

K. Z. Snow said...

Pedestal. HA! The only pedestal I'm familiar with is the one beneath the toilet bowl!

It was fun. Hasn't changed my opinion of Aussies, however. :-)