Friday, May 01, 2009

Better Late Than Never

That's what Fran Lee calls some of her book reviews, and for that I give her a truckload of credit. I'm a "better late than never" kind of reader myself. I usually get around to the stuff on my wish list well after the titles' release dates -- in other words, well after the initial buzz has died down and new faves have found their way onto reviewers' DIK shelves . . . or new fizzles have found their way into the virtual wastebaskets under those shelves. In fact, I think it would be abfab if more reviewers devoted, say, one day a week to resurrecting older, more obscure titles and bringing them to readers' attention.

Anyway, Fran Lee came upon Wing and Tongue, read it, and said some very, very nice things about this fantasy. You can peruse her review by clicking on the post title. (Oh, what I wouldn't give for more covers like that one!)

So thank you, Fran, and brava for digging through the dusty heap of books-gone-by. There's some gold in them thar hills!

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