Thursday, May 28, 2009

Recommended Read

Well, it seems some people really do like InDescent. Following is what Satyr Vael at Literary Nymphs Reviews had to say about it. (I've eliminated the synopsis portion of the review, even though SV did a superb job of conveying the gist of the novel. You can read the entire review by clicking on the post title.)

The book's rating was 5 Nymphs and a Recommended Read.

"The sequel to Obsessed, InDescent is another foray into Jackson Spey’s world of sex and magic. Once again, I found myself falling utterly in love, all over again, with Jackson and Adin. They are both beautiful but flawed men, and together, they are breathtaking.

"K.Z. Snow paints an amazing picture of the magical inhabitants of the Prism and expertly zips Jackson through the demons in his own soul. The end result is more than I ever expected, and it only shows how strong Jackson and Adin’s love truly is. If you read Obsessed, then I absolutely must insist that you read InDescent."

Madame Butterfly, aka Leah, also did a very thoughtful review here. Although Leah had a few issues with the book, they were completely valid, and I took them to heart (as all constructive comments should be taken). By the way, Satyr Vael and Leah also reviewed Obsessed, available at Changeling Press, and were equally kind in their assessments.

I'm really grateful for their views. (And many thanks to Jeanne Barrack for pointing out the Nymphs posting to me. Homies got my back!)


Clare London said...


K. Z. Snow said...

Thanks, love. I know it's only one person's opinion, but it came at the right time. ;-)

Master said...

You're very welcome, K.Z.

It's an amazing book.


K. Z. Snow said...

I mean it most sincerely, Vael. This book is closer to my heart than any of my others. I guess that's why a favorable reception means so much. (Can't expect a universally favorable reception, of course, but that makes the warm ones all the more special!)

Vael said...

I can easily see why it's so close to your heart. As a reader, it's close to mine.

Will it be going to print at any point?


K. Z. Snow said...

I'm afraid I have no idea what Liquid Silver's print policy is. Many e-pubs have been shying away from that route because of the problem with returns. Unless some other publisher picks up the print rights, which I doubt will happen since I'm not exactly a big name in the genre, that aspect of the book's future is uncertain.

I have, by the way, just completed and submitted a novella that picks up where InDescent left off -- with the issue of Celia. It also touches on aspects of Jackson's awakened sexuality apart from Adin. You might find it interesting ... if and when it's published, that is. ;-)

Vael said...

Understood on the print issue. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, though. I'd snatch up a print copy in a heartbeat.

Oh, really? Now I AM very intrigued. Any idea on a date for it yet (given you just sent it in)?


K. Z. Snow said...

No idea, Vael. In fact, it hasn't even been accepted yet. (Can't take anything for granted in this business!) I do appreciate your interest, though.

MB (Leah) said...

Well, I hope it gets published. I'll be knocking down the doors to get to it!

I'm quite hooked into these three characters and I love the dynamics you created between them. Very intense.

Despite the few issues I had, I loved this book. I can't see why most people wouldn't love it.

Word veri- Spant.. sounds like something naughty.

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Leah! Glad you stopped by. And thank you again for your encouragement. (Hey, your "issues" gave me something to chew on in terms of improvement, and that's always a good thing.)

Aren't those word verifications great? They're all so deliciously suggestive! :-)

Jeanne said...

Okay, I *told* KZ not to worry!
And, as to the next one...well, I don't want to put a hex on it...
My word verification for this comment is

K. Z. Snow said...

"Trying" isn't the problem, Jeanne. It's "succeeding" that's the bitch! ;-)

Anya Howard said...

Congratulations K.Z.!

K. Z. Snow said...

Hi, Anya! Thank you. How are things going for you in world of NY publishing? (I don't have the 'nads to try it.)

Anya Howard said...

NY definitely has it's frustrations, K.Z. One of my books has the wrong book blurb on it and despite my efforts couldn't get the pub to fix the problem. But I am trying to enjoy the positive changes. It's very different, a little overwhelming at times. Thanks for asking :)

K. Z. Snow said...

The wrong blurb? Yikes! And some people disparage e-pubs for their editing!

Glad there are positives, though. Best of luck in maximizing them!