Sunday, May 31, 2009

The Spirit of Pure Evil Haunts the Internet

Jenre -- normally a sweet, thoughtful woman -- was temporarily stripped of her right mind when this demon disguised as an innocent child (yeah, sure, just look at that face!) made its way to her blog, undoubtedly with a little help from She K Who R Shall Not I Be Named S. Bereft of all reason, Jen passed Dolly Demento on to me.

So, in the spirit of giving, and to save my own arse, I in turn pass this charming fetish on to CLARE LONDON, author extraordinaire, whose book Freeman left me begging shamelessly for a sequel and whose unflagging good nature and support are truly humbling. She's also the best drunk blogger on either side of the Atlantic, although she probably can't hold a candle to those Aussies.

I know you can turn this powerful mojo to your inspirational advantage, Clare, when you write that story for She K Who R Shall Not I Be Named S. Go to it!


Jeanne said...

I am so confused!!!!

Kris said...

Gee, K Z, I wonder to whom you are referring?

BTW, Aussies can drink ANYONE under the table. It's in our DNA.

K. Z. Snow said...

Jeanne, you think you're confused? If it helps, you can click on the post title to see where this originated.

Kris, whatever do you mean? Well, the drinking thing...yeah, that I get. Which is precisely why I couldn't award Clare the Best Drunk Blogger in the World title. ;-)

Jenre said...

It's true, I wasn't in my right mind. I was scared stiff of having tremendous pain inflicted on my person.

Clare London said...

What about the Best Drunk Blogger in the UK???? I'm sort of (disturbingly) flattered by that.

Dear God, I just typed DisturbLingly. I'm either still drunk from last night's BBQ or the voodoo is working already.

That 'tremendous pain' thing Jen refers to is...unnerving. I'm going to get my Muse to open the post and see WTF this is all about. He's made of stone - or something less breakable than poor lil' ole me.


You realise if I get truly voodoo-ly injured, I won't be able to write the story for UKNOWHO????? *mwahaha*

K. Z. Snow said...

Hey, I have it on good authority --me, by way of personal experience -- that if you get pickled enough, nothing can hurt you! (Well, there have been times when I thought I might have to chew off my arm to get away from some bozo I'd picked up. But I digress ...)

K. Z. Snow said...

BTW, I like that word DisturbLingly. I think you should put it in your story, Clare! :-D

Teddy Pig said...

You called?

MB (Leah) said...

First, that pic is very disturbling.


(Well, there have been times when I thought I might have to chew off my arm to get away from some bozo I'd picked up. But I digress ...)You have such a way with words, and... Been there done that too many times, but I've never been able to put it so eloquently. :D

I share some disturblingly similar experiences as you but am not as gutsy as you to mention them in public. snort. Dance pole anyone?

K. Z. Snow said...

HA. Not you, TeddyP! :-D :-D

I would've killed you with the overwhelming awesomeness of my fluttering femininity. (Let the snorting begin!)

Your secret's out now, Leah. Not much of a secret, though -- is it? -- considering most of us have been there. Yikes. Glad that episode of my life is over. (By the way, I'm Polish and I love to dance, so I guess that does make me a dancing Pole!)

Jenn Nixon said...

You commented on Dear Author about my first page from Lucky’s Charm, the female assassin. I wanted to thank you for your comments.

Thanks again!

K. Z. Snow said...

You're welcome, Jenn. I very much liked the crisp prose and air of tension. (The fact I'm not into badass heroines obviously doesn't mean a damned thing, since it's a personal preference!)

The very best of luck with your book.