Sunday, May 03, 2009

A Really Naughty FREE Story

"A Cheeky Changeling" is Changeling Press's online magazine/newsletter. There you can find, among other things, free short fiction called Encounters. Mine, "Glories of the Blue Moon," is fourth from the top in the most recent issue. Click on the post title to find it.

But be forewarned: Encounters are short. Really short. And Changeling is an erotic e-pub. Really erotic. So what you're going to get is a jolt of sexual YEEHAH! Plot and character development? Go read The Scarlet Letter. My story, by the way, is about a man taking a risk to make himself, or part of himself, happy. The ending is ambiguous . . . the way I sometimes like my endings.

So don't complain. I warned you. Besides, the bugger is F-R-E-E.


Jenre said...

Ooh, liked that very much. There was something deliciously dirty about the whole thing. Thank you for offering it up for free.

Clare London said...

It was absolutely FAB!!!! LOL
A lovely balanced story - short but not skimpy. Cheeky and sexy and illicit and dangerous and hot!
Thanks for sharing it. ^___^

And CONGRATS on the release date, too :).

K. Z. Snow said...

You sweet ladies are making me blush!

I know this short is a far, far cry from my best work (whatever the hell that is!) But I wasn't going to pretend it was something more or other than what it was intended to be -- a weird little premise on which to build an impromptu sexual encounter.

Thank you both for your kind words.