Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Results make a mockery of American Idol.

And Kris Allen knows it. After being announced the winner, this nice man yet clearly inferior singer muttered, "But Adam deserves it."


(I truncated this thing because it's served its purpose -- to help me vent. Hate when I feel that way, and hate even more when the feeling seems justified.)


Jeanne said...

To be honest, I figured Kris would win. The folks who voted for Danny Gokey would never in a million years vote for Adam.
It shows the caliber of Kris that he said that.
But there is no way I'd worry about Adam.
Look at all of the second place winners who have done so much better than the winners.
The guy is gonna be so busy he won't know what to do with himself.
I am disappointed though.

K. Z. Snow said...

I saw the writing on the wall too, Jeanne, when Gokey got the boot. I knew those two fundamentalist voting blocks would join forces for the sake of All That Is Good and Wholesome in the music industry. Gokey's hideous excuse for a pastor actually put out a statement saying a "believer" should win. GAAAAAH. So two big lightning strikes against Adam Lambert, since he's both gay and Jewish.

My ire has nothing to do with that idiotic show or any concern over Adam's career. (Yes, he'll soar; that man's a force of nature!) But this flex of Christian Right muscle, over something that has no relation to religion, has frightening implications for American society as a whole.

The brain-dead fundies are both irrational and ruthless (which makes them sort of like Night of the Living Dead zombies), and that combination never bodes well for anybody they consider the enemy.

Jeanne said...

OK, I didn't know that stuff, KZ.
The only thing I was pretty sure of this year was that they needed a guy to win to even up the m/f wins 4/4.
You notice how most of the females were mediocre - my gosh they sounded crappy last night - except for Allison and she was their token Latina. I really had hoped that she would make it to the finale. I think then we would have had a more even handed result. Neither Danny or Kris's following would have voted for either Allison Or Adam!
They've only had one Idol contestant, Elliot Yamin, who has managed to have a career post Idol, who wasn't a believer.
Now hearing that remark of Gokey's pastor does tend to T** me off.

K. Z. Snow said...

LOVED that duet between Alison and Cyndi Lauper! That was one of my favorite performances of the evening, next to Santana doing "Smooth" (I adore that song) and Adam getting to sing with Queen.

How very, very sad and disturbing that small-minded people could turn a singing competition into a religio-political battleground. It just makes me sick.