Saturday, February 07, 2015

A New Story with Old Characters

I've posted a free short on one of my blog's pages. "The Substitute" is the most recent entry in the Jackson Spey / Adin Swift storyverse, inspired by a picture fellow author K-lee Klein put up on Facebook. (Thank you, K-lee!)

You can find the story here.

Some of you, but probably not many of you, are familiar with Jackson and Adin. They're my most beloved and possibly most interesting couple, and they've certainly been around the longest. They made their first appearance together in Plagued, a novel released by Ellora's Cave in 2007, and went on to develop a full, complex, and often rocky relationship in subsequent books. (You can find the complete list at my website.) 

"The Substitute" takes place approximately six months after Carny's Magic, a novel published by Loose Id. 

Hope you like it. And I hope squabbling couples are encouraged by it. ;-)