Thursday, May 07, 2015

Update, and Another Great Sale!

Because I'm a "Year Three Author" at Dreamspinner Press (yeah, I've been with them since 2009), all my DSP titles will be 35% off from May 8 through May 14. To see what I have to offer -- view covers, and read blurbs and excerpts -- click on the link above.

On a more personal note, it's probably a good thing  I decided to go on sabbatical. Last month my eye doc discovered cataracts in both my eyes, which obviously explains why my vision has degenerated, At this point I couldn't write or edit a manuscript no matter how much I wanted to. (Just composing this post is a hell of an effort.) I had a WIP going, but continuing with it proved beyond my visual capability. Even reading is becoming difficult. (Thank goodness for my Kindle!) So . . . I'm facing cataract surgery. I suspect other stuff is wrong with me too, since I haven't seen a doctor in more years than I can count. (Thank you, American healthcare system!)

As many of you know from experience, any breakdown of one's body is stressful. When that breakdown is due to advancing age, which clearly isn't reversible, and finding rides to and from appointments is like trying to conjure cotton candy from the wind, the stress can lead to high anxiety and deep depression. If/when my physical problems are resolved, I'll post again. In the meantime you all take care, okay?